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  1. He’s doing a show in New York. Or at least that’s what he just said on his Instagram story. It’s at an art museum.
  2. Hi everyone! Thought I’d post my crazy cat house. The white one is Duck and the grey one is Loki. They are litter mates and are both a year old. This is Willow. She has a heart murmur but is very active and healthy otherwise. She is a year old. i This is Cookie. She is a diluted torti Siamese. She is seven. This is Beau. He is a year old. We aren’t quite sure what kind of cat he is. He is big. He weighs at least 13 pounds if not more. Edgar is our old man. He is nine. And last but not least is Izzie. She is five. - Lucy -
  3. Let’s see... I’ve listened to the new album several times. I wasn’t fortunate enough to attend any of the US concerts. I accidentally ran across Mika on YouTube one day when I was looking for music to listen to and was instantly hooked. There is just something about him you can’t help but love.
  4. Hi! I’m Lucy from a small town in Nebraska. The middle of nowhere United States lol. I love music and art. I love my family and all seven of my cats. Yes my house gets a bit crazy sometimes. My favorite time of the day is early morning before anyone else gets up when I can sit and drink my coffee and watch Mika videos. Yes I’m that person that pays for YouTube just so I can watch Mika without being interrupted by commercials. I’ve been a Mika fan for years. I ran across him on accident one day and fell in love instantly. I know I’m not the average fan but I figure I’m just special that way lol.