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  1. Anyone else bored?

    1. Mikasister


      If you are bored, listen Mika :mika2: :mika1: :mika3:

    2. Paoletta
  2. Talk about you is quickly becoming one of my Favorited Mika songs i haven't played it for a while and now it's suck in my head it always makes me feel happy.

    1. Starlight


      It's a great song to dance and get into a good mood. :biggrin2:

    2. Paoletta


      :mikalove:@rainbow1Mika5 yesss dance but also Dear Jealousy is dance :naughty:

  3. Happy Halloween Everybody! this was the only Halloweenish pic of Mika i could find!.



  4.  I love this video of Mika! i couldn't find the full interview but he talks about his brother's dream job!! haha 

    1. Dominika


      Yes, it's very adorable interview! You can look for the whole interview here :wink2:


    2. rainbow1Mika5


      Thank you Dominika! 

  5. I haven't listened to Lollipop in so long now it's suck in my head!🤣😎

  6. hi! thank you see you around!!
  7. Hi nice to meet you my name is Paola i live in italy .


    don't worry Mika come also in Scotland maybe in future :thumb_yello:

    1. rainbow1Mika5


      hey Paola! yeah  i'm sure he will at some point! ❤️ 

  8. Yeah! that's such a good song i wish he did more french songs
  9. I haven't heard him sing it in person of course but i have seen many performances of it live! i love it! Very intimate.I love when he sings slow songs
  10. Hey Gabriella! ❤️
  11. No place in haven also makes me very fragile! probably because it's so relatable!.
  12. I was so confused when i first listened to Paloma i thought she died from the fall but luckily she's still alive so now that i know the meaning it hits me differently.😥
  13. Yes i have! i love every track just went i thought he couldn't get any better.
  14. I think it's the lyrics for me i love analyzing lyrics maybe that's why i think the album booklet is one of the best parts of a Cd apart from the actual music lol.