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  1. Oh wow!! Das ist ja mega!!☺️ Auf sovielen Konzerten war ich in meinem gesamten Leben noch nicht 🙈. Aber total cool, dass du ihn schon so oft gesehen hast. Was ich so von Paris gesehen und gehört habe, war das ja echt toll!! 😍.... ich hoffe so sehr das ich zu einem seiner Konzerte nach Utrecht kommen kann 🥳 (schade eigentlich das er nicht auch bei uns hier in Deutschland spielt 😢) aber mal schauen, wenn nicht muss ich auch mal nach den Festivals hier in Europa gucken. Vielleicht ist da ja was dabei...
  2. hey 👋😁, wollte nur kurz sagen, ich wohne zwar nicht direkt im Ruhrpott aber in der Nähe von Düsseldorf...also wenigstens NRW gehst du denn auf ein Konzert bzw. warst du schon auf einem ?
  3. Hope I don’t fall in love with you - Tom Waits
  4. ...ich wohne leider nicht in München 😔 ich drücke dir aber die Daumen, dass du jemanden findest 😊👍
  5. ich wollte nur kurz allen die heute abend in Zürich sind einen fantastischen Abend wünschen!!!😊👍🥳
  6. Stellar

    Hi everyone!

    Welcome Irina, I´m just as excited as you are about the shows in Utrecht, since I also have never seen him live before! I believe it´s going to be amazing 😍 Congratulations on getting your tickets already! I wish you all the best and a lot of fun for that night!! 👍😊...and maybe we´ll meet each other there (and thanks for telling me about the added shows on my thread 🤗)
  7. yes!! 😁 thank u for telling/reminding me😊👍. I´m so excited about the shows. I will definetly get some tickets for the show now 😍 Have you been to a show yet?
  8. yeeees!! 😊 I´m so happy about that. I will definitely get tickets for the show now 😍. I just need to figure out how to get there first… are you going to the show on Monday or Wednesday?
  9. well, that´s really nice!! Especially having friends that enjoy the same music is very precious I believe. Because it´s one thing listening to good music on your own or going to a concert by yourself. But actually doing it with friends and making/sharing the memories together, that´s something very special. And it´s probably even way more fun than going alone 😁 It´s really nice to hear that you made these friends because of Mikas music I´m hoping on making some friends here too. Are you maybe going to share some photos or videos somewhere here? Either way I wish you and your friends a lot of fun in Zurich next week!!👍😊 (...and of course also in Paris, and at the other gigs you going to see next year )
  10. favourite three songs from Mika right now: 1. Any Other World 2. Hurts 3. Dear Jealousy ..but they´re so many really good ones so if you ask me in a week or so I´d probably name three other songs 😅
  11. wow! That´s a good point there 👍 😊 I´ve never seen that possible connection before. And I think that´s very interesting if Mika really uses his birthname as an alter ego. Because normally you would think of an alter ego being an "imaginary" figure. But on the other hand Rio is a lot about travelling and getting away from this live he describes ( " I feel like I´m the villain in some crappy play, the book has long been written, but I´d rather be just about anyone else but me") and MNIMH feels more like he´s himself and dealing with the problems he describes in I don´t know, just a thought. I´d definitely love that connection between the two albums 🤗 and I don´t think it´s that unlikely that there is a conncetion. Especially since his first two records also where different from each other, but felt a little bit like siblings. With Life In Cartoon Motion being the younger sister and The Boy Who Knew Too Much obviously being her older brother. So maybe there is a connection between these two as well…
  12. wow, that´s amazing!! I´m kind of jealous now 😉 I would love to hear from you how the concert was. Are you traveling to Zurich (and the other places) "only" for Mikas show? I live near Düsseldorf. And sadly the closest place to that (Utrecht) is already sold out. So I´ll probably won´t get to see him on this tour...😭
  13. I´ve got to agree with you! Especially the live version of Underwater is very touching...with all the phone lights going up in the chorus. I wish I could experience that songs live some day! I also get emotional when listening to Over My Shoulder. It sounds so rare and vulnerable. And for some strange reason I Went To Hell Last Night also drives me close to tears sometimes. But I think that´s more because of the hopeful message the song has, then it actually being a "sad song".
  14. hello , and thank u for the warm welcome! Sadly I won´t be able to go to a show this time around 😭 Mainly because Mika isn´t playing anywhere near to where I live. Are you going?
  15. Hello Sabine , thank u very much! Are you going to see Mika live on this tour?