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  1. I think the Mika dream thread should only be used for good dreams so I won't be posting my bad dreams I've been having there.


    My dreams started off not really about Mika, more about MFC actually. Starting with voices telling me I don't belong here. The dreams have been getting progressively worse. The voices eventually turned into actual people telling me I'm not a true Mika fan. I dreamt about being in a police interview room being interrogated by a group of people all saying they were MFC staff, I couldn't see any faces, it was very dark.


    The worst one was when I was locked in a shipping container by a mad woman and Mika was there but he wouldn't even look at me! I could only see him from the back talking to the woman, I could hear them whispering something like "how dare she be a Mika fan, it's not allowed!". Later I was dragged out of the container (kicking and screaming) by more people, again I couldn't see their faces. I don't remember what happened after that.


    I think these dreams are quite short because I do sometimes dream about other things (usually right before I wake up). I just really want them to stop, but I think it's got a lot to do with the stress in my life right now. I should probably take more breaks and maybe have less screen time.


    Please can my subconscious mind start giving me nicer Mika dreams again!

    1. TinyLove_CJ


      Nightmare update:


      I dreamt last night that I got a load of post but one silver envelope caught my eye. I opened that first and it was a Christmas card from Mika and Andy! There was a message saying that they wanted to meet me because Mika had heard how big of a fan I am but there was no contact details in the card 😭 


      So this dream has been better than previous ones but it left me slightly paranoid thinking that what if I do meet Mika in my next dream and something bad happens? 😐


      I hate having bad dreams, hopefully they're going to be better from now on.