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  1. Running some polls on my twitter all about podcasts, even if you don't follow me (and you don't have to!) it would mean a lot to get more votes!


    You can find the full thread here:




    I'll probably open a thread here in a week or two to discuss this further.


    Thanks 😊 

    1. crazyaboutmika


      Voted :thumb_yello:but the truth is I listen to podcasts when Mika is on them :teehee: and that was not an option :lmfao:

      Same applies for TV, radio and movies.

      I just started watching The Mandalorian just because Mika said he likes it. I do too. Not sure how to get to see the other episodes because I barely know how to use the TV as I turn it on only when Mika is on TV :lmfao:

      and the living room TV is complicated to turn on with several remote controls and The Mandalorian is on Disney ad on this is a temporary promotional offer. My husband was fooling around with the remote control and The Mandalorian first episode popped up on the screen.  Baby yoda is so cute :wub2:

      If Mika find him cute too he might end up wanting babies at some point :excite::lmfao:

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