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  1. A Yorkshire pudding mix is pretty much the same as a pancake mix so eating them as a sweet treat isn't really that strange. Love parkin! It's becoming harder to find though where I live 🙁 Love it as a cake or a biscuit, here are some traditional Yorkshire parkin pigs! and Yorkshire Brack cake! (Fruit cake usually soaked in tea)
  2. Swiss National Day and it's also Yorkshire Day! (Where I'm from!) Can't believe I forgot. To celebrate God's own Country here is our national dish, Yorkshire puddings! And if you're feeling extra fancy why not try a Yorkshire pudding wrap? It's basically a whole Sunday roast inside a Yorkshire pudding! and for dessert an ice cream filled Yorkshire pudding with chocolate sauce!
  3. The windows are all clean now! So I hope there's plenty of food left for me! It looks delicious 😋 Happy Swiss National Day!
  4. I think I'll stick to cleaning windows. I should think so too! If it wasn't for your Mika in Blue pictures I wouldn't be here myself! 😅 With sleeping outside I seem to have found more animal helpers to delegate with: But there are a lot of windows to get through so I'll do the outside! Is now a good time to mention I'm scared of heights? 😬 *puts on Mika music to distract myself from the long way down* Intense window cleaning ensues... ...and all done once again!
  5. I have been summoned here once again by @Prisca but it's late so it looks like I'll be spending the night here and cleaning those windows in the morning. G'night!
  6. They're not louboutin's like Mika's but they are very comfortable glittery shoes..... Oh wait your reaction is about the other thing isn't it? 😆
  7. One half of my brain is thinking: "ooooooh I have shoes like that!" Other half of my brain is thinking: "Erm Mika... Where are you're hands?"
  8. I have a feeling you put that picture in there on purpose.
  9. Do I comment on Mika's facial expression again and risk the NC or keep it zipped? 🤔 . . . Well I just can't seem to help myself! Damn it Mika, I know some of your dance moves are quite sexy, but why do some if your facial expressions have to be just... extra?!
  10. Thanks Mika, I'm not great with spiders! So I'll take the chimneys. Up I go Then get covered in soot Soot sprites to help Poor things can't even lift a piece of coal! *sweep, sweep, sweep* All done! Victory dance on the chimneys
  11. I know what I did, that's why I sneaked off to bed not long after! After the garden and greenhouse was cleaned out I'm not sure what's left to do 🤔, so I can delegate the work right? . . . Good boy! 🐶
  12. Why do I get the impression that he's practiced this particular facial expression?
  13. Doctors appointment got cancelled today 😩, I might not drink but I'm not aversed to alcohol infused food, especially chocolates! So I'm going to tuck into a a few of these rum truffles And a few more of these cherry liqueur chocolates I assure you, purely for medicinal purposes! I'll leave some at the bar for others to try
  14. Mika tweets: And retweets: I have the concert downloaded and can watch it anytime but I'd still love it to be shared on UK TV, we have a Sky Arts channel too!
  15. I've been racking my brain trying to remember the first mocktail I tried the first time I went to a very fancy bar and it finally came back to me today! This here is a ginger martini and it's delicious! 😋 *sips drink* ahh so refreshing! I also love pomegranate mocktails and the last time I ordered one it had half a pomegranate in the glass! Couldn't find an exact picture so this will have to do: *sips drink* ahh tangy! I might not get a hangover but I'll certainly get a sugar rush if I drink too many of these!
  16. Thanks @Kumazzz ! Subscribed to @mellody 's channel too, there's plenty of Mika to watch!
  17. Was anybody at the gig Mika did in Ibiza in 2007 where he ended up singing I Would Walk 5,000 Miles by The Proclaimers? I would really love to see that, apparently the crowd loved it as much his own songs! Any other Ibiza clips are welcome too! 😊
  18. Running some polls on my twitter all about podcasts, even if you don't follow me (and you don't have to!) it would mean a lot to get more votes!


    You can find the full thread here:




    I'll probably open a thread here in a week or two to discuss this further.


    Thanks 😊 

    1. crazyaboutmika


      Voted :thumb_yello:but the truth is I listen to podcasts when Mika is on them :teehee: and that was not an option :lmfao:

      Same applies for TV, radio and movies.

      I just started watching The Mandalorian just because Mika said he likes it. I do too. Not sure how to get to see the other episodes because I barely know how to use the TV as I turn it on only when Mika is on TV :lmfao:

      and the living room TV is complicated to turn on with several remote controls and The Mandalorian is on Disney ad on this is a temporary promotional offer. My husband was fooling around with the remote control and The Mandalorian first episode popped up on the screen.  Baby yoda is so cute :wub2:

      If Mika find him cute too he might end up wanting babies at some point :excite::lmfao:

  19. It really is! I love being on the back of a scooter or bike, the only way to describe it is like being free. I've only ever been a passenger but one day I'm determined to have my own Vespa!
  20. Mika can sing ̶I̶n̶t̶o̶ ̶m̶e̶ ̶ ̶... ...AT ME anytime when I'm next at one of his concerts!
  21. He looks like he's almost eating the microphone in a few of those photos! Mika I hope you know that it is not an ice cream cone!
  22. Mika Instagram story How has this not been shared yet? Mika in the studio is the best news! 225806799_1820160234832634_5567720263096006739_n.mp4
  23. That looks very similar to the selection you can get from a British ice cream van. These ice creams look delicious! I wonder if the green one is pistachio? As for Mr.Whippy, the majority of ice cream vans in the UK have their own personal names and I would say Mr.Whippy is a very common one!
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