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  1. Don't say I didn't warn you! 


    Now paint me like one of your wrinkly girls... 😂




    I'm still very tempted to turn this into stickers. 😜

    1. Paoletta


      :thumb_yello:🖐️@TinyLove_CJ woow it's wonderful!!! good job.. i like it... :mikadas:

    2. Londonmikafan


      Wow😂 It’s great❤️ I couldn’t help laughing:lmfao:

  2. I dreamt last night that Mika announced the Revelation Tour part 2! It was going to start on 1st January next year in Leeds and end on Christmas day in London with a load of other countries in between. (sadly Mika himself wasn't actually in the dream, just me screaming with excitement).


    Please please please let this dream come true! 🙏 


    I'm only 20 minutes away from Leeds, I know Mika has performed there in the past, I would love him to come back. I would love to see him in London too but getting down there for Christmas might be tricky


    I'd find a way though... 😅

    1. TinyLove_CJ


      I've just realised the date! A year ago today (but on a Friday) Mika released Ice Cream! (so maybe my dream is trying to tell me something) AND I picked up my dog from the shelter on the same day!


      Happy gotch'ya day to my puppy! 

      (she's 7 but to me she'll always be a puppy 😄)




      Waking up next to Mika every morning, it must feel like his birthday everyday! 😁

  3. Would anyone be interested in buying "Prunes are sexy" stickers? I'm so tempted to make some, but I would have to make a minimum of 50 to make a profit and of course I guess only Mika fans would understand the phrase anyway 😅 


    I might make a few handmade ones for personal use just to see what they would look like 🤔


    Any other sticker suggestions are welcome!

    1. Paoletta


       😅 "Prunes are sexy" beautiful 

      with mika you never stop learning beautiful and fun things
    2. Paoletta


      @TinyLove_CJ Good Idea my friend


    3. TinyLove_CJ


      That's it I'm making 'em! No one can stop me! 😁

  4. What's in the box? Mika merch! I've been forgetting to post this for ages now 😅 It actually arrived at the end of April. Mum told me I had a card from Royal Mail informing me about the custom fees, I forgot about paying it for a couple of days but then my parcel turned up! Turns out my Mum had already payed the fees online when she saw the card. Best Mum ever!
  5. I think the Mika dream thread should only be used for good dreams so I won't be posting my bad dreams I've been having there.


    My dreams started off not really about Mika, more about MFC actually. Starting with voices telling me I don't belong here. The dreams have been getting progressively worse. The voices eventually turned into actual people telling me I'm not a true Mika fan. I dreamt about being in a police interview room being interrogated by a group of people all saying they were MFC staff, I couldn't see any faces, it was very dark.


    The worst one was when I was locked in a shipping container by a mad woman and Mika was there but he wouldn't even look at me! I could only see him from the back talking to the woman, I could hear them whispering something like "how dare she be a Mika fan, it's not allowed!". Later I was dragged out of the container (kicking and screaming) by more people, again I couldn't see their faces. I don't remember what happened after that.


    I think these dreams are quite short because I do sometimes dream about other things (usually right before I wake up). I just really want them to stop, but I think it's got a lot to do with the stress in my life right now. I should probably take more breaks and maybe have less screen time.


    Please can my subconscious mind start giving me nicer Mika dreams again!

    1. TinyLove_CJ


      Nightmare update:


      I dreamt last night that I got a load of post but one silver envelope caught my eye. I opened that first and it was a Christmas card from Mika and Andy! There was a message saying that they wanted to meet me because Mika had heard how big of a fan I am but there was no contact details in the card 😭 


      So this dream has been better than previous ones but it left me slightly paranoid thinking that what if I do meet Mika in my next dream and something bad happens? 😐


      I hate having bad dreams, hopefully they're going to be better from now on. 

  6. I'm sure we can all sing Mika's songs word for word but is there any of Mika's songs that you struggle to sing along to when it's being played? 


    There's two for me, Lola and Emily. Lola is quite a fast song so I tend to get the lines mixed up and if I start singing Emily I always end up singing Elle me Dit instead! Which is strange because English is my first language but I can actually sing Elle me Dit word for word even though I don't speak French! 😁 

  7. It's my Mika-versary!


    13 years ago today I'm pretty sure one man changed my life forever. I was lucky to get the free tickets to Radio 1's Big Weekend in Preston. There were many acts that day, including Rihanna's first UK performance, I only cared about one of those acts though.


    I will never forget somehow getting to the front row and chanting "Mika! Mika!" with a bunch of other fans. There was crying (happy tears) and laughter in equal measure. My jaw hurt from smiling so much and I lost my voice from screaming. 


    Until I see Mika again, nothing will top that day. My first time seeing Mika perform (hopefully not the last) is the best day of my life so far!

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    2. Starlight


      I understand you so well... I feel the same... :sad:

    3. Paoletta


      @TinyLove Happy Mika anniversary.. @Starlight yes i fell the same.. 

    4. Lilyen


      : ) I can not wait to listen him to sing.

  8. Does anyone have an mp3 file if this or able to convert it? I can download it to my phone but it won't play or be shared between devices
  9. I've been wanting photos of Mika on his pink piano for ages for an art piece I want to do, these are perfect! What an amazing photographer! Thanks for sharing! 😍
  10. I know there's a few Japanese users here so could someone tell me whether this website is genuine? And whether anyone's used it?




    I've seen something I really want (yes Mika related) but I've never bought from a Japanese site before. 

    Also is Japanese international post still allowed? The item I want is coming from Gifu prefecture.

    1. Kumazzz


      Hello, I'm Japanese living in Japan.

      The site is good, I used sometimes, I don't know the seller send their stuffs to UK.

      At fast, you have to sign up at https://www.mercari.com/jp/signup/




    2. TinyLove_CJ


      Thank you! I'm going to sign up and if the items still available I can buy it!


      Hopefully they ship to the UK!

    3. Kumazzz


      Good luck dear !


      I will help you if you are struggling with Japanese language.

  11. I finished my Cooking with Mika YouTube playlist! Where possible I've chosen official videos of the songs, the ones without are audio only. If I've missed any out let me know. I've never shared a playlist before so hopefully all of you can access it and give it a listen. At the moment you can only access it through the link, once I know it's ok I'll make it public and share it on Twitter too! https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL-qhMzj0DAdzQWlCiG0igFBGFa7uPAzwM I don't recommend listening to this while ironing, I did and when it got to Platform Ballerinas I nearly burned a t-shirt! 😁 It's the kind of playlist I would love to listen to on a long road trip.
  12. Little Richard or Richard Wayne Penniman, died today aged 87. When I heard his full name on the news I thought straight away about Mika because they both share the same surname. I do wonder too if somehow they're related 🤔 Little Richard is from Georgia, didn't Mika visit Georgia while he was writing MNIMH? I can't remember... Little Richard 05/12/1932 - 09/05/2020 RIP. https://www.rollingstone.com/music/music-news/little-richard-dead-48505/
  13. It's the first time I've won a day! I'm not entirely sure what it means, I think it's because of the reactions to my gorilla picture. Thank you!



    1. Starlight


      It's cool, isn't it? :biggrin2:

      Yeah, you can win a day if you have the most reactions of the day on a post. :wink2:

  14. I made shortbread biscuits again. Alphabet love hearts this time. Of course there's only 4 letters of the alphabet that really matter! 😁 

    (photo doesn't do them justice I think)


    I did make more than shown here, mainly spelling out Mika's albums such as LICM, TBWKTM and MNIMH. All of them actually! Oh and the word 'Relax' too which was quickly eaten!



  15. I'm intrigued to know more about the project he is doing with his sister. Any new kind of merch, clothing or watches, I'm buying it! I really like his drawing too!
  16. I bet they're being spoiled so much now! But which is which?
  17. Wait you were one of the people Mika spoke to?! You're so lucky! I kept thinking 'don't pick me I'm in my PJs' but then we couldn't see the other videos anyway so it wouldn't have mattered. Maybe next time I'll get my Sunday Best on just in case Mika picks me! 😄 Will do as soon as I finish
  18. Thank you for putting the playlist here. I don't have Spotify so I'm making a playlist on YouTube instead. Any other songs Mika adds can be added here too right? I love his choice of music!
  19. Mika did play an appropriate song "If it was me, I would be a good wife, I would never doubt you, Ours would be a good life We could be better than so many I would never stress you About bringing home the plenty" He really is a good wife! 😁
  20. "Prunes are sexy" had me laughing so much! But I don't like prunes... 😄 This was such a fun Instagram live and Mika looked so happy!
  21. Last night's dream, it's a strange one! 😁 I was watching Mika's Instagram live from home but he wasn't doing any cooking. Just having a chat with people online and also being a bit cheeky with Andy! He said that there was a fair ground in town and he wanted to pick someone who was watching the video to go along to it with him and Andy. Mika chose me and I don't know how it happened but the next thing I know I'm in the apartment in Athens. Andy stopped filming and we all got ready to go to the fair ground. All Mika wanted to do was ride on the biggest roller-coaster there but the queue was really long. Me and Andy got tired of waiting and wanted something to eat. Mika wanted to stay in the queue but told us we should go and try the churros at the fair. So me and Andy go and get churros but we could only afford 2 because they were $50 each! We go back to Mika (still queuing) and before Andy could share his churro Mika ate it all! Andy got really mad because it was so expensive and he was still hungry, and he stormed off when I wouldn't share my own.
  22. It's me. I'm the friend. 😅 I have a tattoo that I do like the shape of but now 3 years later I just don't like the colour. It's too blue! Is it possible to re-colour a tattoo?