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  1. Mika and his "stolen" treasures! 😁 xQV0Oo6dEvIz8Qjt.mp4
  2. Two things I'm looking for today: 1) Does anyone have a the full video or link of Mika covering "She's Always a Woman to Me"?, I came across it on twitter but it wasn't the whole thing 2) I also came across a very short clip of Mika being a zookeeper for the day at London zoo, the clip had the UK channel E4 in the top corner but now I can't find anything else about it, Mika and the Giraffe looked hilarious and I'd like to watch more and know what program it was for. Thanks.
  3. Not sure whether to actually put this here or not but... exciting news! I saw on twitter that the concerts at the weekend will be recorded and shown on a French TV channel, I've lost the tweet now so I'm not sure what channel or when it will be broadcasted. It would be amazing if it's going to be a CD, or even better a DVD! For those of us outside France who might not be able to watch it I hope someone will be able to record it and share a download link here??? (I know someone did that for the Versaille gig)
  4. And by "accidentally" you mean stashing stickers somewhere the children can't find them? 😁 I'm an adult and still collect stickers, mainly decorate notebooks/sketchbooks and phone cases. Would decorate a helmet if I had one though! πŸ˜…
  5. All hail Mika! He's the only guy I'd pray to anyway. He'll be turning water into wine next! 😁
  6. His account is @mikatiktok btw! πŸ˜€ Even though he's got an account now, Tiktok still isn't for me, I hope anyone else who has an account will post his videos here though! 😊
  7. I had the best dream last night! I was invited to a large hall with a small group of people (about 7, including myself) and a lady who had organised the gathering told us to take a seat. We all sat in a row and the lady asked me to put a spare chair to my left. She said there was a surprise for us, but she looked directly at me when she said this, and she left to go check on the "surprise". She came back rather quickly, told the group to rearrange our chairs into a semicircle and she told me not to let anyone sit on the spare chair. Then she announced that Mika was coming! We were all very excited and started cheering and got louder when Mika walked in! He looked so handsome in my dream, with just a plain white shirt, straight black trousers and he looked like he'd just had a haircut. He only sang We Are Golden and Grace Kelly to us but afterwards he sat next to me and we just started having a normal conversation like we were the best of friends! The other fans were involved too and it was just so lovely to talk to him about anything. The lady came back and said the hall would be getting full soon of other people (she didn't explain why). Me, Mika and the group helped to rearrange seats into long rows and we all sat down again. Mika sat next to me but was told he wasn't allowed! He moved seats so he could sit behind me so we could still talk. I started to see people coming into the hall and they all looked so jealous that I was with Mika! I don't remember much more after that, I got very cold in bed and woke up rather early πŸ˜….
  8. When I first saw this, I honestly thought it was a sticker! πŸ˜… I kept thinking "Is that a face on the palm of his hand?!" πŸ˜†
  9. I hate this song so much! It's so annoying. So thanks @Hero for making it stick in my head for the rest of the day!
  10. Oh my nipple it's so itchy! But here, look at my other one!
  11. I bought these two mini pin badges (they're not even 2cm!) because they make me think of Mika! 😁


    The lollipop is obvious I guess, and the beetle reminds me of some of Mika's artwork!Β 




    1. Mikasister


      I like the lollipopΒ :yes:

  12. Mikainstagram story: 244569135_2999430060328843_7338727594152344805_n.mp4
  13. Got the extra pictures! Mikainstagram: A rainy but happy evening in Paris yesterday with very talented friends at the @maisonvalentino show and @vogueparis. Traffic was so bad we ditched the car but honestly Paris is better by foot… even in the rain. #christianlouboutin #marisaberenson #valentinorendezvous #alexandredesplat #solrey @marisaberensonofficial πŸ“Έ @danilodauriafoto
  14. He put a similar post on Instagram but with some extra pictures, I can't seem to download them for some reason. If any one else can and share them here that would be great!
  15. He's still thinking about pistachio ice cream I see...
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