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  1. My own clothes are quite enough thank you! Tip: listening to music while ironing helps me go faster, but Mika songs are quite distracting! πŸ˜…
  2. I've been so busy today that I completely missed that I'd been sent here, all for wanting to help Mika find his missing "parts" . Anyway I'm here now and happy to help with the laundry, it's one of the few things I don't mind doing in real life actually, especially ironing, I find it quite therapeutic! πŸ˜… Waiting for the washing so I can iron it... This gif speaks the truth! (but why is he ironing outside? πŸ˜…) All done and folded!
  3. Hi @linzijay It's certainly is hard to pick a favourite song, I've been a Mika fan since the beginning and still can't pick one! There's plenty more music to discover!
  4. Same here! It's more hopeful that next year UK summer festivals will go back to normal. It would be nice if Mika came close to me for Leeds Fest (also MΓ₯neskin have said they'd love to do that one, that would be a dream for me! 😍), but then there's also Glastonbury and Summer in the Park, London. (I think Mika has actually done that one before πŸ€”) I love all the images and videos from last night's concert too! It really is amazing to see him so excited on stage again. Love the blue shirt, wouldn't mind snatching that from his wardrobe! Seeing everything really does give hope for a tour or more concerts, I'm just so happy seeing him perform, even though I wasn't there, so a big thank you to everyone sharing their videos!
  5. Gorgeous pictures from the show last night!
  6. Still saying nothing... But my mind is very much in the NC!
  7. Restoring my willpower so I'm saying nothing...
  8. Hi Travis Hopefully it won't be too long before Mika tours again! Fans all over are certainly missing him. Love your concert photos! 😊
  9. Andy's seen less frequently than Mika... just saying or maybe Mika uses his public appearances to disguise the fact that he's a werewolf? πŸ€”
  10. Hey! I never said what he's looking at, at that moment in time he could have been looking down at his nails and thinking to himself "one day I will paint these rainbow colours!"
  11. If you're wearing ripped jeans, you're either a werewolf or dating a werewolf, I don't make the rules!
  12. He looks like he's contemplating something a bit lower down , and then the pictures afterwards look like he's pleased with himself... I'm saying no more!
  13. Oh, oh no... All of these particular pictures are telling a story and it's called Fifty Shades of Blue!
  14. The full show is definitely worth watching! It is available on dvd/blu ray too, copies come up on ebay from time to time. There's a version with an accompanying cd too!
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