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  1. New phone wallpaper. I just can't help but smile when I see this picture. 🙂 🍦



  2. Running some polls on my twitter all about podcasts, even if you don't follow me (and you don't have to!) it would mean a lot to get more votes!


    You can find the full thread here:




    I'll probably open a thread here in a week or two to discuss this further.


    Thanks 😊 

    1. crazyaboutmika


      Voted :thumb_yello:but the truth is I listen to podcasts when Mika is on them :teehee: and that was not an option :lmfao:

      Same applies for TV, radio and movies.

      I just started watching The Mandalorian just because Mika said he likes it. I do too. Not sure how to get to see the other episodes because I barely know how to use the TV as I turn it on only when Mika is on TV :lmfao:

      and the living room TV is complicated to turn on with several remote controls and The Mandalorian is on Disney ad on this is a temporary promotional offer. My husband was fooling around with the remote control and The Mandalorian first episode popped up on the screen.  Baby yoda is so cute :wub2:

      If Mika find him cute too he might end up wanting babies at some point :excite::lmfao:

  3. This is something I wanted to start a little while ago when Mika had quite a long break from social media, however that was when we learned that his mother had died, it didn't feel right or respectful to me to launch this thread then.  


    It is here now though for all of us to come up with unusual reasons why Mika is missing! 😁 



    1. Paoletta


      @TinyLove_CJ good idea.. 😁 

  4. Don't mind me, I'm just reminding people that this thread exists. We do have minors using this site after all. 



  5. Thank you so so much @carafon for sending this to me! :flowers2: 


    You're the best! :thumb_yello:



    It arrived super quick! 



    1. carafon


      cool !

      you'll be able to check what's is going on french tv today....:naughty:

    2. Starlight
  6. Not entirely sure what this is. The description was in Japanese and google translate just said "Mika collectable". :dunno_grin: 

    I think it's a scarf??? 


    Anyway it's on its way to me now 😊_20210209_132408.thumb.JPG.37c0f69284473a66f1e15408245e802b.JPG

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    2. sara09


      Oh, it's lovely! :wub2:

    3. TinyLove_CJ


      Mercari and Yahoo Auctions (both are Japanese sites) can be good for picking up rare Mika merch! 


      I used a proxy service to get this from Mercari, item price €3! Still waiting for a shipping invoice and I could end up paying customs tax when it reaches the UK, but all in all an absolute bargain! 


      Be warned though that Asian online auctions/market places are a deep rabbit hole that you could spend hours trawling for Mika merch (believe me I know 😅), and not everything is a bargain and shipping and admin fees will bump the price up!


      I tend to only check sites once every couple of months so I don't spend too much! MUST. HAVE. WILLPOWER. 😁

    4. x_adoring_mika_x
  7. It's about time! I have been following MFC on twitter for over a year now! 😁 


    Now to get Mika to follow me back too!



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    2. miknikel


      Congratulations! You're lucky! I've been a subscriber to the MFC for almost three years, but it hasn't followed me.    
      Sad Pokemon GIF


    3. TinyLove_CJ


      @miknikel oh no :( c'mon MFC start following back your members! 😉

    4. miknikel


      Mika retweeted me once so I'm happy anyway !

  8. Look even Mika is excited that it's MFCs birthday today! 😁




  9. Just found out that you can download two songs from Mika's I Love Beirut concert! The ones with Danna, 'It Must Have Been Love' and 'Me, Myself'. This is across most known music streaming services! 😃 

    I'll be sure to download them later and it gives me hope that maybe the whole concert will be available to watch again sometime soon! 


    Also last night when Mika said he would have an announcement at midnight my Mum said "Maybe he's announcing that he and Andy got married" 😂, oh if only! That really would be a surprise! 

    The fireworks ending was amazing though it gave me such a big feeling of excitement watching it (and long afterwards too!). 

    1. Paoletta


      :lol3: @TinyLove_CJ you make me take a shot every time... oh my God I really thought he got married, but the surprise was the fires.. Goodness me so Happy New Year... from italy 

  10. Do I launch a writing thread today or wait till after new year? 


    I guess there's no right or wrong time to open a thread but I'm not sure whether to wait 🤔

  11. Happy 39th wedding anniversary Deb! 🎉 


    You clearly have a great husband if he doesn't mind listening to Mika's music all this time with you, well nearly 14 years of your marriage anyway! 😄 

    I hope you have a great day today 😊


    Also I hope your eyes feel better after the chili powder incident. 

  12. How do you do that thing where you type like this then hide text where it says 'reveal hidden content' and then carry on typing normally again? 

    Is it only possible in desktop browser mode? 

    1. silver


      I don't know - on a PC/laptop you would use the "eye" symbol on the edit bar.  So it depends if you get the full edit bar on your phone.

  13. Currently in a very good mood. At least one person here knows why :wink2:

    Let's just say, I'll be very warm this winter... 


  14. Does anyone know where I can buy vinyl protectors for single vinyls (7")? I mean something like a plastic wallet, preferably see through. It's for my We Are Golden vinyl, it's already in the original protector but I've noticed a tiny hole at the bottom of the plastic! 🙁

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    2. TinyLove_CJ


      @Paoletta I'll keep looking for one.


      Wouldn't mind framing it actually if that's possible 🤔

    3. Gemz


      Hi there is lots of vinyl sleeves on ebay. I found a cheap one here:



      You can get frames too but they are not very cheap.

    4. TinyLove_CJ


      @Gemz Thank you! 😊

  15. Has the Pictures of Mika in black and white thread gone? I can't seem to find it! 😭

  16. Good morning everyone! Today's the day, the sun is shining, the tank is clean and we're going to a Mika concert! 😁 excited finding nemo GIF


    I've had such a rough time over the past few weeks and today's the only day I'm really looking forward to. It's my first full day in a long time where I can just relax, take it easy... 😆

    I'm so excited for the concert and I'm positive that watching Mika perform will make me feel tons better. 😊 

    1. Starlight


      We'll have an amazing time! :wub2: 

    2. Ally Kate

      Ally Kate

      Love Finding Nemo! ) I'm sure we'll all have a blast, even miles apart 🙌

    3. TinyLove_CJ


      It worked. I feel more than tons better!

  17. Mika clearly knows that it's my birthday on Saturday and that's why he's releasing new singles now! 😁 

    There's been so much Mika news this week and probably more to come too! Maybe more on Saturday, when it's my birthday... 


    Did I mention it's my birthday on Saturday? 😁


    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. dcdeb


      Mine's on Sunday! I thought he was doing all of this for me! Well, I guess there are two new songs, one for you and one for me. :lol3:

    3. TinyLove_CJ


      Best present I could ask for! 😁 

    4. Dominika


      He doesn't show it but he's really thoughtful :biggrin2:

  18. New profile pic that I actually changed a few days ago 😅

    This took me over an hour to do on my new graphics tablet (I finally got one!), I'm using Clip Studio Paint and at first didn't know how to use layers properly...

    Layers are for lasagne! 😁 

    Anyway I'm still practicing (and watching a lot of youtube videos) and will probably change this again later. 🌈💛💙💚💜


  19. Didn't Mika once say in a past interview that he was born around midnight-ish, or there abouts? 🤔


    This has made me realise that I am 10 years, 11 days and 12 hours younger than Mika!


    Coincidence, I think not! 


    The universe clearly has a plan for us, one day we shall meet and become the bestest of best friends! 😁 



    1. Jaela


      kinda wanna try and figure out his natal chart now hmm

    2. silver


      He said it in a tweet some years ago - he may have repeated it in an interview.. We've discussed his horoscope before


    3. Siri


      Talking about horoscope, this is from an Italian magazine from this weekend :lol3:


  20.    Can confirm that watching Mika videos with the volume turned up really loud to block out anything bad going on around you, 100% works and is absolute bliss. 👌 

  21. It's usually extremely annoying when cars blast music late at night, but last night around midnight just before I was going to sleep a car drove by playing 'Relax' really loud! 


    I woke up with the song still in my head! 😁 

    1. silver


      I, on the other hand, have "Sylvia's Mother" in my head today - I don't even like the song :aah:

    2. TinyLove_CJ


      I hate that too when a song I don't like sticks in my head! 


      Something I do for earworms that works though is to start listening to the song that's stuck and about 20-30 seconds in switch it to a song you like instead, then that song will become the earworm! At least then it's going to be a good song to sing along to 😁

  22. Aaaaah the new MFC logo on the website here looks so good! (yes I've only just noticed 🙈)


    @Sivan you did a really good job, I can't wait to see it on a badge or other merch! 😃

    1. Paoletta


      @TinyLove_CJ ooooh yeeees i agreee it's soo soo good the new logo😃

    2. Sivan


      Thank you!!!! :) 

    3. Lilyen


      A g r ee!!!

  23. I dreamt last night that a secret admirer (who could it be?) sent me all of the Mika tofu dolls and a bunch of other Mika merch too.


    I was a little disappointed this morning when the post lady walked straight past my house 😞 

    1. Paoletta


      @TinyLove_CJ aww beautiful dream... 

      I understand you .. when you wake up it's always a bit strange to come back to reality ..😩

  24. I know some of the Japanese editions of LICM and TBWKTM came with cute little sticker sheets, but did any of Mika's other album's in Japan come with stickers too or other goodies?

  25. Just out of curiosity what would someone be willing to pay for TBWKTM badge set? (new in packet, never been opened)



    I'm not posting this in the selling Mika items thread yet because at the moment I'm not 100% sure, I really just want to gauge interest and get an idea of a price range.

    1. mellody


      As an orientation, the Revelation Tour badge set was 10€ - I'd probably just put it on Ebay with 10€ as a starting price and see if it goes any higher. :dunno:

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