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  1. Mika is in London! I need to know why, is it to book another gig? Will he come further north and meet me? Can we have coffee together? Please Mika announce that you're doing something here soon! I miss you! I might be getting my hopes up but I can't help getting excited! Also congratulations on the award!
  2. My own misheard lyrics: Here's a lady on the line, give her a daughter... When it's actually: Carolina sits on 95, give her a dollar... Also: There's a really pompous man, pompous man... Actual lyrics: Girl in the blue with the big bust on, big bust on... Yeah I don't know how got them so wrong either ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  3. I've seen a few posts on twitter where people have got there t-shirt/hoodie order. So it looks like clothing items are being dispatched more now. And yet mine as still not arrived... A friend who makes bags and has to order from China has told me that her manufacturer has started production again in the last couple of days, so I'm hopeful that the factory that makes the Mika badge sets will be up and running soon.
  4. Something lyrical I wanted to try. Took a while to get it right 😅 
    Brownie points to anyone who can match the lyrics to the songs!


    Making movies in my head, making Hollywood look,
    Tiny love has spoken and bigger,
    Hearts, staring at the 
    Sun and the light, you are the,
    Freedom to leave, well now,
    Enough is enough, 
    Dear wife I have to,
    Leave, if we're strangers,
    By the seaside, drinking
    Up, must come down, I
    Learned to grow, could we make it,
    Better get back, cause I'm,
    Ready to call this love.

  5. How does he do this stance right on the tips of his toes? 😐 I've only ever done that while wearing ballet pointe shoes, and that's difficult enough!
  6. @giraffeandy I ordered my copy from Amazon UK, £12, they don't charge until dispatch. There's also these 2 websites, the first one for definite does international shipping coming from the UK but I'm not too sure about the second one: https://www.fiveriserecords.co.uk/product/christine-and-the-queens-la-vita-nuova/ https://www.normanrecords.com/records/180685-christine-and-the-queens-la-vita-nuova
  7. I've ordered some Chris merch, which includes pin badges. PIN BADGES! 😍 Can someone get onto Mika's management and ask for pin badges too? I've been collecting badges for years, haven't counted them all but it's going to be close to 200! Also the date of dispatch for my order made me laugh; it says June 21th.
  8. The jealousy syringe would make a good tattoo, especially if it looked like it was actually going into the skin! Also very colourful!
  9. I'm getting a Mika tattoo too, but it's really personal so I'll probably only post about it once it's done. If you like brightly coloured tattoos then maybe LICM album art, it's full of colour! TBWKTM has some interesting cover art too. In the OOL album booklet there seems to be art for most tracks, which I think Mika designed himself, so if you have a favourite song from that album maybe pick a track and design your own interpretation of it! NPIH has a very bold cover and the songs are certainly deeper for Mika, I think that's why the photos in the album are in black and white but there's not much art work I think. Then of course there's MNIMH, the album cover alone would make an awesome tattoo! There's also little things that may represent Mika quite well. Like a dove (even though that's his sister), lollipop girl, the naked man for Boum Boum Boum or even the crying moon. Maybe pick one of his albums and go from there. 😊
  10. Already pre-ordered my copy. I wonder if Mika's EP project will be similar to what Chris has done 🤔. She's doing an intimate gig at The Moth Club London next month which has already sold out. If it was later in the year I would have considered going. Still hoping she does a full tour again next year.
  11. Sadly the store is the only official one online, unless you're lucky enough to find things on eBay. I've bought too much stuff to cancel now. Customer service are lucky I'm a patient person. Also, tax/duty can't be for everything surely? I got a poster recently from the US, more than £15, no extra charges and delivered by Royal Mail. This is all very strange 😦
  12. Is this the one with Mika's face on? This did have a colour change, it was originally grey but is now black.
  13. The whole of La Vita Nouva by Christine and the Queens!
  14. @Hyaku I haven’t received anything yet, not even another email. I'm also in the UK and also thought the items came from Europe. When the Tiny Love Tiny Tour merch was on sale I ordered a lot then which took around 3 weeks to arrive, didn't have to pay any import charges then. I really hope I don't have to pay any this time! Also last time, even though I ordered a bunch of stuff together, so shipping was combined, I got sent two separate packages. Found this quite annoying actually as I thought one item had got lost!
  15. Aaaaaaaaaaaaah! I... I am feeling things. So many things. This is beautiful. I love her. I've watched this about 5 times now. I think I need a lie down. Is she psychic? Does she know how much I love horror (I love dark monster horror so much!), how much I love French music, how much I love her? I'm just so excited right now. You wait till I see her live, I won't stop talking about it... Thank you Chris for this.
  16. In a recent interview Mika did in Australia (it's in the Australian press thread if you want to find it) he said the Toyota caboose would eventually be broken up once his book is published and pieces of it will be given away in relic boxes. If this actually happens can we set up a group to put the car back together again, like a giant jigsaw puzzle? I think that would be hilarious!

  17. Mum rang while I was on the bus. I must have left my phone volume up from this morning when I was listening to Mika so it was loud. I'm struggling to find my phone out of my bag. My ring tone is Tomorrow. I'll let you guess what word the song got to before I answered 😳 

    Old lady across from me wasn't pleased... 

  18. @Starlight @giraffeandy Now I am thankful for the people around me who are more supportive. It seems in some way, whether big or small, Mika's music and Mika himself talking in interviews has helped changed our lives. Mika certainly knows how to bring people together one song at a time 😊
  19. I hope this is an appropriate place to pop this story in. I apologise in advance for how long it is, please don't feel like quoting this to reply just @ my name instead. Go back 13 years to 2007 and I was an awakened child thanks to Mika's music. At high school a lot of the other children liked Grace Kelly & Love Today, they were the songs being played most on the radio. For me it was the 1st time that an artist truly resonated with me through music. I fell in love with all of Mika's songs and yet I got bullied for it. So it was ok for the popular kids to like a No1 song but not ok for me to like the whole album and talk about Mika all the time? Apparently not. I got picked on because I wrote I ♥ Mika on my notebooks and I would sing along to his songs. Lollipop was the one song I would listen to over and over again, it got me through a lot of bad days. Someone who I thought was a friend thought I was weird and actually told me to stop liking Mika because it was making HER less cool 😖 I even spent a time pretending to have gone off Mika's music just to get people to stop bullying me. It didn't work because of a boy in my classes who thought he looked like Mika (he really didn't) thought it was ok to be really inappropriate around me (lots of rude comments). I was bullied for a long time, the Mika side of things did die down but I still had idiots calling me names and being very mean. LICM got me through a lot at school. When I went to college I was a bit more confident but when I told new friends that I liked Mika I still got the odd laugh. Every single track by Mika means something different to me, I've never actually met anyone else who likes him the way I do. So I just want to say that being part of the MFC is one of the best things I've done. I can't see you and most of you are in a different country to me but here I can tell stories like this knowing that we're all here because of Mika, because of the different ways we discovered his music and we all support one another too. Y'all are good people, and my day is a little brighter every time I log in here. ☀ 🙂 Thank you MFC, and thank you Mika.
  20. Got excited for a minute over on Instagram because I saw the Union Jack posted by MFC, for a slight second I thought Mika was coming back to the UK until I realised my phone had glitched the screen and it was actually the New Zealand flag 😔

    Please Mika after NZ, Australia, Japan and Korea, please please please add another UK date! I miss you! 

    1. Starlight


      And Germany, please :pray:

    2. giraffeandy


      Berlin, Munich, Prague, Vienna... I'd be grateful for any of these cities.

  21. I have a story I'd like to share about how Mika's music helped me at school. It's too long to put here as a status so is there an appropriate thread I could put it in? Somewhere I can thank MFC or Mika would be good or a thread about school bullying?

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    2. TinyLove_CJ


      I'll keep looking. But I'm away from home over the weekend so I probably won't get round to posting the story until Monday. 

    3. Starlight


      There's a thread called 'thank you MFC' I guess you can put it there :wink2:

    4. Starlight
  22. This is really interesting, I hope Mika mentions more about this soon!
  23. Online shop update - These items are currently out of stock/sold out: Black Moon t-shirt Revelation Tour t-shirt Revelation Tour Lithograph Revelation Tour badge set Revelation Tour tote bag Still haven't heard anything else regarding my order, I think the production delay is most likely the badge set. *EDIT* Revelation Tour hoodie and Solar system t-shirt are now both sold out!
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