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  1. You mean to tell me that this is a real drink?! Now I'm more determined to make one and try it for myself!
  2. If Mika's feeling confident enough to do these gigs in France then I really hope he is thinking about touring again. Even if it means waiting until next summer before he truly starts again around Europe it would be worth the wait to know if he's going to come back to the UK. I miss him so much! Even with the covid restrictions and also issues with visas (Brexit ) I can't see him missing the UK off his list, even if it is just London again. I definitely wouldn't miss a concert next time!
  3. By all means you could start any time! That way I can take a leaf out of Mika's book and join him in being very very late! 😁 I'll actually probably be here around lunchtime though, and again in the evening. Less likely on Sunday though, if the weather's good I'm going on a nature trail with my Mum and dog! @silver excellent drink choice, ice cream floats are the best! I'll just have one without the vodka though, and I'm not keen on anything raspberry flavour πŸ˜…
  4. Really gotten into MΓ₯neskin after they won Eurovision and have been listening to this song on repeat! I Wanna Be Your Slave: https://youtu.be/yOb9Xaug35M It's a little naughty (ok A LOT naughty ), so maybe don't play it infront of very young children! This is their Eurovision winning song though, Zitti e buoni :
  5. Thank you @Prisca Saturday! Sunday for a day of rest, then back Monday for @ dcdeb's birthday! Mika's going to be a very busy man if he can make it!
  6. Ice cream! Lots and lots of ice cream! 🍦 🍦🍦🍦 Pastries, tarts and other baked goods too And I request Mika to sing anything that can be performed very loudly! Love Today, Boum Boum Boum, Platform Ballerinas... you get the idea, songs that get people on the dance floor singing and dancing! His dogs are welcome too because there's always that one person at parties who sits in a corner on their own talking to the hosts pets. (and usually that's me when I go to parties πŸ˜…)
  7. I hope Mika comes back here at the weekend, it is my birthday on Sunday after all.... And it's Deb's the day after, so extra long celebration maybe?
  8. I'm starting this thread off by taking back what I said about the Ghostbusters remake (2016). I watched it again recently and it's actually a good film. It's not great but it's not bad either. It has loads of references to the original Ghostbusters films and plenty of funny moments. Some of the original cast even make a cameo appearance and I'm not just talking about the humans! 😁 πŸ‘» This is a stand alone film so you don't need to have seen the originals (but why wouldn't you?). The script writing for the dialogues could be better, and the overall story could have had more of a firm structure to it, but I would recommend this film for anyone wanting a good laugh. It's also the reason why I'm a little bit in love with Kate McKinnon! 😍 The original '84 and '89 films will always be the best though! And this November Ghostbusters: Afterlife will be out in cinemas! (again with some of the original cast). It follows on 30 years after Ghostbusters II so it is actually Ghostbusters III and has nothing to do with the 2016 remake. Here's the trailer for it: If you can buy a baby Stay Puft man then I want one! He is equal parts cute and creepy and I love him.
  9. A discussion and recommendation thread for books and films! Read or watched something that totally blew your mind? Can't contain yourself after reading something by your favourite author? Want to debate if the book is better than the film? Then this is the thread for you! Anything at all that you've been reading or watched on the silver screen, feel free to recommend it all here. I may have to restrain myself from talking about my own favourite books and author too much. We'd probably need another thread... Or another website! It's only because I can talk about these things for hours (which I have done! πŸ˜…).
  10. What have those gummy bears ever done to you for you to skewer them through the chest? 😲 I'm kidding!..... I would pick them off one by one and chew their little heads off!
  11. So nice of Mika to turn up, even if he was a little late I love trying new food and Mediterranean cuisines is new to me, also the fries look good (Does anyone mind me double dipping? ) Do I see a Jelly bean cocktail in the mix? I don't drink so I'll have to find a non-alcoholic version. As for dessert that rainbow rose cake looks delicious but I think all those colours are disguising a lot of sugar! That last fruit platter looks beautiful, I shall take some melon too! (melon is so delicious, who actually has time to cut it into tiny cute stars?) And finally my own creative, non-alcoholic drink idea would be: Vanilla flavoured soda with a shot of blood orange juice and a tiny bit of lemon juice, served in a tall milkshake glass with a scoop of vanilla ice cream on top. The toppings would be grated dark chocolate, an oreo broke in half (with a half on each side of the glass), and to finish off, a white chocolate wafer spiral. Oh my now I really want to make this drink!
  12. 240151147_371005501223795_6849427175812945228_n.mp4
  13. Mika's IG stories: 240151147_371005501223795_6849427175812945228_n.mp4 240418835_203224305163351_297360664912222104_n.mp4
  14. Feel like Mika in red lighting definitely belongs here too!
  15. I get the whole cake?! I don't think I'll be able to go on the dance floor after eating all that! I'm kidding, of course I'll leave a slice for Mika!
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