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  1. IMG_0880.MOV IMG_0880.MOV First post in here. My first concert of his. I’ve been a fan since day one. What a concert! I want to go again 😂 I have put all videos on my Facebook profile (it’s public) (I hope it’s alright) If you want to add me on there, please message me to let me know you’re from here, as I never add people I don’t know on there, but I believe you guys as being genuine 💜 What I found phenomenally outstanding is how he asked the whole stadium to be quiet and he sang acapella Happy Ending. Which I have submitted to you. I loved it. Loved the idea of the rainbow. Loved the remix of Love Today and the thumping bass of it. It triggered things I haven’t had triggered in a while hahaha. Reminds me of how one feels when one listens to Donna Summer’s I feel love. I got the “mosh pit” tickets and I was so lucky as he was so close to me. And for €35 ticket it was more than worth it 😂 I wish it was longer 😂 IMG_0880.MOV