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  1. There is even the full concert on YouTube 😍🤩 Thank you Céline!!!
  2. Better late than never and even if your videos are much better than mine, you were closer, here are some memories of the Zurich show (which was my first Mika concert..!) I start understanding now what a special show it was! I thought some of you might be happy to get them anyway Part of Happy Ending: Part of Happy Ending.mp4 End of Happy Ending (without microphone) and Intro of LYWID: Happy Ending without mic and Start LYWID.mp4 Love you when I'm drunk: Love you when I'm drunk.mp4 Good Guys (including briefing of the band): Good Guys (including prep).mp4 Part of Elle me dit: Part of Elle me dit.mp4 Part of We are Golden: Part of We are Golden.mp4 End of Tiny Love reprise and start of Stay High: End Tiny Love Reprise.mp4 A small part of Platform Ballerinas: A part of Platform Ballerinas.mp4 Lollipop including Into: Intro + part of Lollipop.mp4
  3. For the ones who don't understand French very well I've just translated what Mika says at the beginning of the concert, before he sings Relax: "This date creating stress, the 14th of February, it is a BIG romantic event. You are my reward for all the sh***y 14rh of Feb I've had in my life! On the 14th of Feb, you meet someone, it has only been a couple of days youve met each other. A coffee break at your place, yes why not.. "coffee".., a small drink maybe, you're about to kiss each other and at the last moment you say "no", because I want to know you. So the person say "ok..", and you say "no, you're not going to remove your clothes, you're going to sing, because if you sing I'll understand much better who you are than if you remove your underwear","oh really","singing reveals much more than panties" As it is the 14th of Feb and that we're going to spend a very intense evening together, I think it has come the time to get to know each other. So Strasbourg... This is my lover voice, I reveal it to you for the first time, don't get off your clothes, sing with me." Tell me if you would like any other translation! Thanks @Anna Ko Kolkowska and @mellody for the videos and reports, great memories of a wonderful evening!
  4. @mellody Here is what he said at the beginning of EMD: "I just arrived and wanted to have lunch. I entered in a café, quite a normal one. They were only couples sitting.. it's ok, I don't mind. The problem is that they decorated the entire place. They were heart shape balloons everywhere. So I seated and had lunch with a heart. And when everyone else was looking at the other person, I was looking at my heart. I enjoyed it a lot. It made me think, really that it sucks a bit 14th of February. Like if you love your father, they found a day for which you have to pay to show you love him. If we love mum's we have to pay to love mums. And what about if we don't love love, a kind of anti Valentine's day. It's as fair to celebrate complicated loves, like most love stories in life are, they are everything but what you see in cards you buy for 2euros with two teddy bears on it kissing each other. When do we celebrate this kind of love?? So tonight I dedicate this next song to someone I have an extremely complicated love story with, very complicated. But this loves got shown in many different things like in my music, in my writing. As it was a woman who before was dancing as soon as they was an opportunity to and who now can no longer dance, what do we do for a now? Us, when we are in family reunion and that we are faced to my mum, what is the thing the first thing we do and that we will do tomorrow afternoon before I head to the airport, we will be all together and at a certain out well put the music on and we'll dance. She will watch us, quite expressionless, and she'll be happy because they taught us something fundamental, when life throw sh*** at you, dance. This song is for all most complicated love stories we have in our lives, and those most complicated ones are the strongest ones"
  5. @carafon hello. In case you would have it available on Dropbox or Box or Google Drive I would be really happy if you could share it with me too. Thx a million!
  6. Thank you for sharing!!! It's weird as it looks like the 'speed' of video and sound is different. I've tried with VLC player to align better sound and video, it's work very well at the beginning of the song ice cream (sound coming around -2,6s earlier than now) but after few seconds there is again a delay.. I'm not sure if it's possible to adjust the speed of sound vs. Speed of the video with VLC or any other media player ... Anyone having some experience with that, it could maybe fix the issue without to have to record again..? Thx
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