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  1. He is always so naughty! So lucky, the korean fans must have gotten a real treat!
  2. Okay, Again I don't know where to put this. Anyways ... in the 2011 Seoul show, during Rain, Mika picks up some of the paper and puts it on a certain someone's head and that person is HOLDING A VIDEO CAMERA and I'm just like skueubaldiiah. Can anyone confirm if he is who I think he is. Cause that's the most adorable thing ever. It might help if someone has a closer shot of the stage. sorry for the lack of audio ... Screenrecorder-2019-12-26-19-42-04-522(0).mp4
  3. Whoa there ... You almost killed me ... Phew! Btw, it's a great idea
  4. Well take care when you see it! It's not adult proof either And thank you! It indeed is! How into the danger zone are you?
  5. Oh no! We'll come up with a good alternative!
  6. Hello, can anyone tell me where I can find full Strasera CasaMika videos?
  7. Hey guys, I didn't know where to put this. So ... I'm sorry. Okay, so it would be years before I get to go to one of Mika's concerts. So, when you guys are going to the next concert how about BUBBLE GUNS?! hee hee it's so silly ... well, he loved the paper planes and the confetti like toilet paper by you wonderful lovely creative fans so maybe this ... is this a good idea? I don't know ...
  8. Oh thank you very much! OMG this man is crazy, he's still singing like nothing's wrong! OMG we stan the bravest strongest person!
  9. OMG Mika tore all his ligaments and vomited and still continued his performance?!!! He's so wonderful and crazy!!! Is there a video? Btw, I wanna say this again ... you guys are totally wonderful!
  10. Anna is golden and silver thank you so much !!!
  11. Oh My God! You guys are so wonderful!!! I am so excited! Thank you so much! Mikasister, you're right, there isn't enough. Starlight OMG I'm so jealous and so much sooo happy for you! What a perfect day that would have been! Aha kreacher lol but the gif you chose isn't for the book I believe Nor for adults ... whew! Irem thank you! and yes! whoo hoo! Thank you you wonderful lot!!!
  12. Hey everyone, lovely Mika fans! I recently discovered Mika, thanks to a wonderful friend of mine. Now my heart is doing all these jumps around space whenever I think about him. He's so ... so ... I can't find words!!! Amazing, Andy ;), awesome, buoyant, boyish, cute, cool, cheerful, crazy, dancing king, elegant, full of life, funny, glorious, generous, highhhh, intuitive, jumpy, jolly, kind, KING, lovely, lively, loving, MUSIIICCC, must be protected, naked ;)), open, pleasant (to watch, hear), quuutteee lol, respect towards everyone and everything, sincere, sad, taaalll, underrated damn it,
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