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  1. I've watched through his Vimeo but I can’t find where is this clip from. Anyway, thank you very much! 😄 Thank you! 😄
  2. Hi🤗 I’m not sure whether my question is allowed here but I can’t find any other place where there might have people know the answer. If it isn’t available here, just delete my post please😅 This is a clip from Andreas Dermanis’s showreel which was released in 2018. I wanna know which work is it from, or maybe who’s the man in it? Thank you very much😄 And what else, does the show Mika did on the beach during the London Olympic 2012 have any video? Thanks😄
  3. Hello from China! Thanks for this encyclopedia! Just a piece of advice: MB14 has withdrawn from Berywam, so it should be 'MB14-......who was in the beatbox/acapella group Berywam. ' Thank you very much!