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  1. Ahhaahah is it there a naughty corner for being naughty in the naughty corner itself? Like naughty corner squared??🤣
  2. Thank you for the translation <3 I think that Mika is sharing with us this interview to let us know about her mother without having to tell us directly... too much pain in his heart, poor sweet boy ...
  3. Ok, so maybe due to this Mika competitions I'm quite Mika obsessed these days (while usually.. I'm obsessed anyway ), so I started thinking of him even while sleeping. So last night I had a dream. I don't know, I think we were in a classroom, me, Mika and someone else, it was a very friendly situation, I mean, Mika was not MIKA the famous one but a normal person, but it was Mika anyway. I was desperately searching for his attention but he was absolutely ignoring me. At one point I realized he was DELIBERATLEY ignoring me and I was so sad. I remember watching him while he was sleeping on t
  4. Ciao bella gente, Qualcuno ha idea di come vedere lo spettacolo di Versailles domani sera? Lo streaming del canale francese pare non essere visibile dall'Italia 😶
  5. Oddio scusaaaa pensavo fossi italiana 😂😘 cmq noi italiani che amiamo complicarci la vita diciamo "ė molto gentile da parte tua"... 🙉
  6. Non ho capito se mi stai dando del lei 😂😂😂 ad ogni modo bene che nn ce ne sia bisogno ❤❤❤
  7. Prisca posso riportare qui (se riesco) le info che verranno date sulla IG story così non avrai problemi 😄
  8. Hello Florine!!! Mine was just a cry of PURE frustration, in Italy we say ROSICAMENTO 😂😂😂 that is a very bad reaction due to frustration so please excuse me if I was a bit too harsh!!!❤ I really think Mika deserves to be happy and maybe, as this pandemic situation will take still some time to be resolved, he will start thinking about how to stay alive in this chaos, how to give us the chance to see him live, or maybe not, he just needed to do something that made him happy and alive and he has every right to do that!!! So please don't be sorry, just be happy for what you saw, and swim in the ma
  9. Ok, just saw his photo on instagram, my heart is melting, and I already regret what I wrote before. I have the credibility of a penguin in the Sahara 😏😏😏
  10. How lucky of you... but which is the surprise? I mean, so this concert will be broadcasted not on New Years Eve but later? I'm a bit upset for all this confusion, no one knew it would have been a real little concert, and the veeeery short time we had to organize a trip in this time made that almost impossible. Moreover we thought it would have been the recording of just two songs for the new year eve so it wouldnt have worth such an effort.. He told us more and more time he would have stopped every show until the pandemic situation was better.. anyway, it has been a terrible day for me for dif
  11. Ohhh what a beautiful opportunity!!! I think it's impossible for me from Italy to get the permissions to come to France or to come back from France after that... so good luck!!! ❤❤❤
  12. Hahaha!!! My God, I am writing many (too many) adoring posts to him and he replied to my only insulting one!!! Of course I was joking, Mika can be very severe but never bad!!! Anyway I think that the missing word of his sentence is.. ass 🤣🤣🤣🤣
  13. Could we use this place to live comment the show??? I'M SO EXCITED!!!
  14. Tesoraaaaa mi fai commuovere!!! Ma com'e' che oggi non mi funziano le emoticon??? SMUACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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