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  1. So. Mika is coming to Philly and I desperately want to go. The issue is it's three hours away (not too bad), a school night since I am eighteen (eh, it's school), and I'm not sure if My parents would be up for it. (because I am not familiar traveling to Philly.) Now, I need an opinion. Do you think he'll ever come to Pittsburgh PA ever? That's WAY closer to where I live. I'll also keep you guys updated if I get tickets or anything- I just really want to go! I never saw him live before and I would just absolutely love it! I also apologize for bothering you guys! I just thought you guys would have more insight for me!
  2. @WeirdChild awe! That's not good!
  3. @WeirdChild oh! I didn't know she was mean. I usually watch some videos with captions (due to me not being Italian or French) so I'm not too familiar with her personality on the X-Factor. I don't know- I kinda enjoy her voice. Just my personal opinion though! 💕
  4. @Paoletta I'm not too familiar with chiara- I apologize! I've seen small clips with Violetta singing and I personally kinda like her voice! But everyone is entitled to their own opinions- which I respect. 💕
  5. Anyone else wish that Violetta Zironi and Mika would reunite someday? Maybe even for a duet? Violetta has such a unique voice and so does Mika! They also have such a great chemistry!
  6. Ashlyn


    @Mary Grin Thank you so much! ❤️
  7. Ashlyn


    @Dominika all of his songs are just so unique and beautiful! 💕
  8. Ashlyn


    @Irem Aytepe I absolutely love Tomorrow and Sanremo!
  9. Ashlyn


    @Dominika hello! I love discovering new music and somehow I stumbled upon Mika! From then on, I've always listened to his music. One of my favorite songs by him has to be Tomorrow or The Origin of Love.
  10. Ashlyn


    Hello! I'm Ashlyn! I've been a fan of Mika for about three years now! I'm from the US. In the US, a lot of people don't know who Mika is or his music. Honestly, it's a bit sad! I'm kinda hoping that Mika will come to the US soon so I could see him in concert. A girl could dream- couldn't she? Besides Mika ; I enjoy writing, playing piano, Broadway musicals, and a lot of different other music artists!
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