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  1. Yeah thanks for the translation too! He’s so cute🥰 and seems ok. So sad for him and his family😭 I really admire how strong they are though.
  2. Hi! I couldn't resist and finally made an Instagram account. But without telling my parents... I'm kinda really worried about this, even though I just find it not fair that they can't let me have an account. Do you think I made a big mistake? I really need your help guys, because I feel very confused now. I have some followers, and I follow quite a lot already. I know how to delete my account if I really need to, but I hope that I won't have to do it because I came back in contact with old friends from primary school. If my parents discover the account I will completely loose their trust in me for quite a long time and they will be really REALLY pissed at me. I made my account private and promised myself that I won't post anything except stories. What should I do?


    1. Starlight


      What about telling them you really want to make an account? Like, not telling them you already did, but try to convince them to allow it to you? So if you are successful you don't have any problem.

      Try to convince them that there's nothing bad about it and tell them you won't post anything.

      I hope it works...!

  3. Bonjour Anaïs, bienvenue au MFC!!! C'est vraiment sympa, on s'amuse beaucoup❤️ Prend un peu de temps pour explorer le site, on met du temps au début à comprendre, mais tu verras ça viendra. Encore bienvenue!
  4. I don't have either Twitter or Instagram, but I still go on the online sites to see if Mika posted anything. Here is also the main place where I go to check news.Talking about age, I'm 13, but I don't have any social networks. Idk if I'm one of the youngest here, I haven't seen anyone younger than me yet Like all of you, I'm also quite worried about him, but well, what could have happened? In Athens he said that everybody is careful about the social distancing because everyone is afraid. And I guess he's staying home nearly all the time, cause if he catches this virus it could be very bad for his voice... And knowing the paranoiac side of Mika, I think he's VERY careful. He's just having a break I think, enjoying the time he has with Andy, as they don't spend time together as much when he's on tour (I think). So people please relax, take it easyyyy 😘❤️
  5. Can someone translate the message please???? Thanks❤️
  6. Hi! I would really need help for something: how can I convince my parents of letting me have Instagram? I’d love to have the app, but my parents think that it’s useless and that I will spend more time on my phone not learning anything. How can I find arguments to convince them? They’re really hard to convince!


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    2. Starlight


      You could actually really take Mika as an argument as I think that you probably want to follow Mika and fans there for getting information. And as Irem said, you could set certain times to be online there together with your parents.

    3. Lilyen


      like, it is just "resource" idk.. to use, it has benefits and disadvantages...:S lik the TV, or YOUTUBE, but so many things in life!!!

    4. Londonmikafan


      @Irem Aytepe I tried to say that I’m the only one that don’t have it but it doesn’t work... :tears: And for a time limit hummmm.... Didn’t really think about this one, I’ll try, but I think that the limit will never be like 1h or 2h, it would be more like 15min:crybaby:Better than nothing tho.

      @Starlight For the Mika argument, as I’m already in the MFC I think that my parents will say that I have enough information in the forum... 

      ‘But well I’ll still try and try and I’m sure one day I’ll convince them because they will be bored of me asking and asking to have it.

      Btw thanks so much everyone for helping❤️!

  7. I totally agree with you!!!!! I’m so happy he’s in London, and apparently his house here is like 15min away from mine because a friend of my parents, who told us that, saw him walking out of his house with Melachy and Amira one day!!!! He’s so lucky. I really really really really really really really really really really really want him to do another gig in the UK
  8. I really hope so!!!! Please may he come to each of our country!
  9. Again, on The Voice! It was Ready to Call This Love this time.
  10. Over my shoulder from No Place in Heaven Deluxe. So incredible with the Orchestra I can’t stop listening to it
  11. I love these photos!!!! Travelling around the world is an incredible thing, you can explore the wonderful secrets of nature (and he’s one of them) He looks like he’s enjoying himself! Love you Mika❤️
  12. Can someone please repost these photos?? The link doesn't work on my phone neither on the computer Thanks!!!!!