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  1. Hi everyone, Long time no see!!! I haven’t been here for a while so I’m coming back and I’ll try to be more active now:lmfao: 
    Btw how’s everyone?:hug:

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    2. Mikasister


      Welcome back :welcomeani: 

    3. Londonmikafan


      Thank youuuu, and yes I’m so excited for Christmas but we don’t have everything ready yet because normally I’m going to France next week to celebrate with my cousins at their house ^_^

    4. silver


      Hi :bye:  Good to see you back.  I think Christmas will be different for everyone this year.

  2. Happy Birthday :happybday:



  3. Wowww 2 stories in one week what a miracle Personally I'm happy that he's slowly coming back on social media, because even though I know he surely wanted to take a break from it, I missed him
  4. It looks like sesame cakes/cookies... Not sure tho, but it does look like sesame.
  5. My pleasure!Actually it's a fan in an Instagram fan group who found it. And no it's not true that French borders only open on June 15 because my dad is going to France quite regularly to check up on my grandpa (who has a cancer), and I know other people who go there too (only for important purposes though. I guess Mika's one was to visit his mum). My god, a duo with Mika and Remy will be hilarious ! A song about olives and prunes
  6. Hi, I know it's not Mika's account, but it gives us a clue of where is Mika. Apparently, he was in the West of France, in this restaurant called Jardin des Plumes not very far from Paris! This photo is from this week, but yeah I think it was a good idea too put it here😁 So he surely is in Paris
  7. I know that other artists where criticised too, like Emma Watson or the french singer Amir. Even tho I just don’t understand why people criticise Is it to attract attention?
  8. Guys. I'm getting really concerned about Mika being criticised on Twitter... I'll write again what I wrote on my latest Instagram post : I'm getting really pissed off about Mika being criticised on Twitter about his reaction on George Floyd. Seriously, the people who do that have to mind their own business! I don't know if they're blind or something, but Mika POSTED to show his support, he didn't do NOTHING like some celebrities! Mika has a golden soul, and it's not because he didn't put links to petitions or donations that he isn't affected about these horrible things. I'd like to make you remember that he supports many causes, for exemple cancer, homophobia, refugees... So please, think a lot about what you'll say before writing things that are not that nice. --------- I'm just really, really annoyed! Some people forgot that it's only social media, it's not real life. They forgot that between posts there's a human soul that feel a lot more than he expresses in his writing. On Instagram, lots of fans are starting to defend him in stories, posts. Idk if you agree with me, but the world is turning sh*t right now
  9. Thank you so much @Cossette Vilches!!!! So happy that I can watch it.
  10. Hi Fiorella, welcome here! I'm Nora from London. Nice to meet you, have fun here!
  11. Yeah thanks for the translation too! He’s so cute🥰 and seems ok. So sad for him and his family😭 I really admire how strong they are though.
  12. Hi! I couldn't resist and finally made an Instagram account. But without telling my parents... I'm kinda really worried about this, even though I just find it not fair that they can't let me have an account. Do you think I made a big mistake? I really need your help guys, because I feel very confused now. I have some followers, and I follow quite a lot already. I know how to delete my account if I really need to, but I hope that I won't have to do it because I came back in contact with old friends from primary school. If my parents discover the account I will completely loose their trust in me for quite a long time and they will be really REALLY pissed at me. I made my account private and promised myself that I won't post anything except stories. What should I do?


    1. Starlight


      What about telling them you really want to make an account? Like, not telling them you already did, but try to convince them to allow it to you? So if you are successful you don't have any problem.

      Try to convince them that there's nothing bad about it and tell them you won't post anything.

      I hope it works...!

  13. Bonjour Anaïs, bienvenue au MFC!!! C'est vraiment sympa, on s'amuse beaucoup❤️ Prend un peu de temps pour explorer le site, on met du temps au début à comprendre, mais tu verras ça viendra. Encore bienvenue!
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