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  1. I love his orange and purple shirt! It suits him so well!
  2. Here’s a collage I’ve done of our lovely Mika:wub2:


  3. I like when he’s dressed in a « not simple » way, it makes him more unique even though his clothes are a bit weird sometimesBut come on, it’s Mika...
  4. I still don’t understand how he can adapt to time difference so well
  5. I love how he looks so cool even with so many layers of clothes I look like a bear with only one big coat
  6. Well.... It looks like their collab isn’t unnoticed at all
  7. Hi Clémence, welcome to MFC! I'm Nora from London, but I'm French like you I am also new, I registered last Saturday. People are so nice here, we're having so much fun!!!!! That's because MIKA fans are the best! Have fun!