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  1. Sigur! Chiar ma uitam astazi in drum spre casa la datele noi care au aparut in vara, cele din Italia. Sunt foarte tentante😂
  2. A fost primul😊 Initial am vrut sa merg la Utrecht dar nu am putut in perioada aia asa ca am fost la Strasbourg.
  3. This was my first Mika concert and I just have to say that it was the best concert of my life. The energy and joy that this man spreads is incredible! I am in awe of him and I must say that it was one of the best nights of my life! VID_20630320_042119_757.mp4
  4. Nuuu😭... Nu am mai putut sa stau pt ca trebuia sa ma intorc cu ultimul tranvai in centru... Ca altfel trebuia sa merg pe jos asteptat cat de mult am putut... Dupa acea cand am ajuns la Hotel am vazut si mi-a parut atat de rau... 😭
  5. Am fost!!!! Nu am intalnit niciun roman in schimb am stat si m-am imprietenit cu niste fete foarte dragute care mi-au tradus ce spunea in timpul concertului pt ca nu stiu franceza deloc. 😂 A fost cel mai frumos concert la care am fost vreo data... A fost pur si simplu magic! Nu imi vine sa cred... Omul acesta este extraordinar...inca plutesc 🙂
  6. Este cineva de pe aici la concert la Strasbourg? 🙂
  7. Hello! I am so excited for the concert!!! I am new to the fan club, new to fan actions, new to Mika really but I am so very happy and I can't wait for the show. Do you know how early we should arrive to get a closer spot near the stage? Also, if I want to be included in the fan actions how can I pitch in?
  8. Oh...ok... Well it's going to be awesome either way 😊
  9. Hello! Do you know... Is there the slightest chance of meeting him if we attend the concert...? 🙈 Ps: I am new and I am a bit lost but I'm thinking about going to this concert😊
  10. Sooo I forgot... Have you seen our two boys live?
  11. Omg❤️😍 yesss!!! For me unfortunately Hozier is number 1 and Mika is 2. But I love them both in different ways. And yesss there are a lot of similarities. I have a lot of Hozier songs that I love.. I couldn't pick a favourite(Spotify made the decision for me and apparently it's Moment's silence😂). I saw Hozier twice last year (in Vienna and in London) and I got to hug him. Simply put.. Best experience of my entire life. I am planning on seeing Mika in Utrecht although my schedule is messed up so I don't know if I'll manage. I am so happy i found your post!!! The fangirl in me is screaming right now!!! 😂🖤