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  1. Dear Mellody, thanks so much for your thoughts and the newest video!! I think your points are very in-depth. It's definitely a valid interpretation! I have not yet thought of the lyrics line by line, more an overall impression so far.. you thoughts got me thinking deeper It's true that condensing a complex emotion into a 3-4 minutes pop song requires certain special talent, a certain ability to observe and react, MIKA really has something unique going on there! Would love to chat more about his music with you soon! off to discover Madrid now! Take care, HueyChing
  2. Danke schön @mellody, えりこさん @Kumazzz、ありがとうございました! 😃 You both are so resourceful! Thank you so much!!
  3. I’m also quite curious about the psychological aspect of these people, why do they want to use the love of others have for someone as a tool to benefit themselves? ... and Why do they think it will actually works? ... hopefully no fans have been scammed before...
  4. @Irem Aytepe, there’s actually more conversation after what I posted... the conversation actually ended with me asking him “what do you mean you’re a mother?”... I have no idea why he keeps mentioning “mother”... I presume has to do with some mistranslation from French to English, but I can’t speak French so I couldn’t figure out...
  5. Did anyone attend Tom Hiddleston's theatre performance with Jamie Llyod as director, "Betrayal" by Harold Pinter? I was in London during the performance period, and managed to get a ticket to watch it, it was amazing! I would highly recommend Hiddleston's fans to watch it if you get a chance! Jamie Lloyd really did an amazing job directing this! The actors and actress truly brought the play into a new height! Pinter's play is always interesting when it comes to Pinter Pauses, worth a read if you're interested or attending it soon! : Btw, any theatre fans here?
  6. Jack Savoretti is also a wonderful musician! Great voice and there's a kind of rawness in his expression which is quite powerful :
  7. Is there any videos (preferable in English or translated to English) or articles that MIKA speaks about how he wrote this song? I like this song a lot... The lyrics when I first heard, brought back a lot of familiar past and ongoing feelings when dealing with creative process. It's not uncommon that we feel like more than 1 person during the creative process... especially the line "Jealous of the man I used to be, and the man I could become" to me, reflects a lot of the feeling that "the past creation that have been made, the future creation that we could make". Creative process always require us to go back and fro, sometimes throwing away the past ideas, to drop to bottom (not literally), starts completely zero (but not always possible), and look into the future but not yet quite reachable... I hope this make sense. Personally, (and I believe there are more than one perspective for a wonderful song like this), I think this song was about being a songwriter/creative person...
  8. Hi @Serendipity Camilla, thanks for your warm welcome! It's wonderful to see so many people from different cultures and different parts of the world comes together! ♥️It's beautiful~
  9. Danke @Sabine64 Sabine! 😊 Grazie @sara09 Sara! 😊 I’m having a good time already, thanks to all the warm welcomes 🌷
  10. @krysady, hello! Thanks! yes, I listened to that concert online. It was beautiful! it's very interesting to compare it to the original album recording of those songs. I'm more familiar with orchestra in my daily life due to my work, creating music with acoustic instruments without any computer programmes is more common for me, thus to listen to the orchestra versions of songs that I love is very special for me. Love it so much!
  11. Hi @StarlightElena, Guten Tag! Danke schön für deine message. 😊I'm having fun already! Thank you!
  12. encountered one on Twitter... I was a bit bored and knew that he was fake, so I pretend to chat with him, he keeps insisting on opening a hangout account, but his english was quite hard to understand completely... so I couldn't figure out what he really wants... anyway, hopefully no one will fall for it... the fake account is shown in the attached image
  13. I might be very wrong here, part of the song reminded me (musically) of oompa loompa songs, and promiseland in the version of Charlie and the Chocolate factory could have refers to the chocolate factory. I don't think the song is directly link to Dahl's work, but there might be some subtle reflection of that musically... because oompa loompa songs always appear when they point out the children's flaws, a little bit like section from the part where the lyrics go "sold my soul.... I just don't care anymore"... like a tiny protest and narration of facts, before and after this section, musically it does change drastically, so i feels like sort of a "quotation" here... Anyway, I might be wrong, just my first impression of the song, and I do love this song a lot, it's quite witty musically...
  14. Hi @silver, thanks for the tips, will read through it! Hi @Mikasister, thanks for the link! Yes, music is still my main passion, he is an excellent songwriter and a great singer who has this unique flow between the classical and the pop, which is quite rare, but what touches me the most is that he brought the essence of the songs to their peak through his vocal expression, that is truly inspiring... 🌸 Hi @Gabry74 Gabriella, thanks for your warm welcome! I will be visiting Italy with my friend for the first time this year, to learn about the ancient architecture, fountains, and renaissance paintings! Very much looking forward to have my first Italy experience soon! 🇮🇹too bad it was not coincide with Mika's tour though, basically when he is in Europe, I'm in Asia, when he is in Asia, I'm in Europe... Hi @WeirdChild, thanks for being welcoming! Mika's music is not so often played here, but I did manage to introduce to my colleagues and friends, also students, so hopefully his music will continue to spread here 🕊️