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  1. Thanks @mellody ! I think I’m gonna ask a refund as (if I’m not wrong) I think they were selling tickets were you can enter before the others, but when I bought mine they were already sold out 😭 I have never had the chance yet to see a Mika gigs in the front row and I would like that so much !! So maybe next year 🤞🏻🤞🏻🤞🏻
  2. Hello I don't think his dogs are with him and Andy in Athens right now... So don't worry
  3. Yes .... I was looking forward to see Mika again... But we are gonna have to wait Maybe next year 🤞🏻 thanks for the information Mellody
  4. IG story of Pierpaolo Piccioli's daughter 😄 (I don't understand a single word in Italian so if anyone could translate 😋) RPReplay_Final1587894832.mov
  5. Hi @Florine 🤗 that’s great we don’t live far from each other at all!! I guess the festival season will be over this year, but let’s wait for the official news from La foire aux vins! It’a gonna be really strange a summer without any events 😅
  6. So happy that Mika is doing a live again that probably means he is feeling well 🤗 and so is his family 🤞🏻🤞🏻 Cant believe that a president would recommend to drink bleach as a “joke” 🤦‍♀️
  7. Yes, Christophe, a famous French singer died 3 ago because of the Coronavirus 😕
  8. @crazyaboutmika okay super merci je ne savais pas qu'il y avait toutes ces videos sous-titrées, c'est génial ! Ce sera un plaisir de pouvoir regarder tout ça
  9. Pâques s’est bien passé j’espère que pour toi aussi @crazyaboutmika Merci 10000 fois a la MFC Subtitling Team pour le soutirage en français, je viens de regarder la vidéo et ça a été un vrai plaisir de pouvoir comprendre ce que Mika disait !! Leur discussion a été très riche en belles réflexions, c’est vraiment un plaisir d’entendre ce que Mika a à raconter, c’est toujours très enrichissant ! bonne soirée et bon courage ! Prenez soin de vous
  10. Yes safety first 🙏🏻 Thanks for the message ! I read in the newspaper today that it’s “not a no but not a yes either” for the Foire aux Vins this year ! They’ll let us know ASAP
  11. Yeah you're right ! The most important is that we all stay safe Let's hope the show won't be cancelled but postponed when the situation will be back to normal 🤞
  12. Sadly I think this show might be cancelled as well 😭 Our president said that there won't be any festivals until at least mid-July.... But let's keep hoping ! 😁🤞
  13. Thanks for sharing @mellody Yes it's good to see him back a little on social media, his mind must be a little less heavy than it was. However, I find the emoji challenge quite hard ^^I couldn't find everything 😜
  14. Thanks for the translation 🙏😃 Reaaaaaaaally happy to see him. with a smile on his face 😊
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