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  1. Not the best quality but Sky Uno will probably upload the videos soon so It's ok for now https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VxOxsUbvS6o&ab_channel=Natacha
  2. HAHAHA Thank you they will! and I will consider myself very lucky if they don't suspend my account again
  3. True!! and btw if you ladies download "hola" and then choose Italy as the country you wanna be connected too , you can watch it on the official 8Tv website, might work a lil better IDK either way, I hope you all have a lot of fun tonight and NAIP YOU GOT THIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! #winner
  4. I'm gonna upload the daily AFTER the live is over, since they pretty much just gave away a lot of what Naip and Mika will be doing on stage
  5. and they just removed my acc, I am really sad not gonna lie but anyways follow me on this one?
  6. I'm sorry for the delay, First attempt was a mess Also Youtube always give me the worst thumbnails WTH Lmao It's 3am here and I can't feel my eyes so Good night everyone, I hope you all have a great day.
  7. Hey everyone, what's up? (Let me know if It's running smoothly since I didn't re watch it before uploading it lol)
  8. Mika wasn't on the daily tonight, do you guys still wanna watch it tho? I supposed not
  9. BTW I just uploaded the whole thing on youtube since twitter usually deletes my videos within a day (even though I'm trying to "edit" them before uploading them now lmao desperate attempt ) also I am so happy for NAIP, I was kinda afraid but him AND Elio did such a great job, it was honestly amazing!!!!!
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