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  1. Hi newbie here!! I wanted to share my pictures and videos of the Mika concert last year. I have so many good memories about that concert. If people asked me who I wanted to see in concert: I always said "Mika!! I can NOT die if I haven't seen him live." I was sooo happy when I got my tickets. The concert was sooo lovely, I danced and laughed and sang with my friend. AN THEN HE CAME OFF STAGE AND CAME MY WAY AND I WAS LIKE THIS IS NOT HAPPENING. I might sound as a stalker/psycho but I touched his arm that day. And he stood next to me and I WAS SO HAPPY. He stood there singing next to me. And it is the most beautiful memory I have. And I will cherish it forever. BTW - Thank you to all those people who shared these lovely pictures!! I am allowed to save these? Feel free to save mine!! Stay safe darlings, Have a great day. Lots of love. IMG_0242.m4v IMG_0071.m4v
  2. Lisa_DS

    Hi there!

    Thank you so much!! Stay safe there in Italy Gabriella!!😘 You have met Mika I see!! How was that?
  3. Lisa_DS

    Hi there!

    Sure! Where do you want it! 🥰
  4. Lisa_DS

    Hi there!

    Yes it was in Brussels! LOVELY ALL THOSE VIDEO’S!! Thank you so much for the big welcome!! 🥰🥰
  5. Lisa_DS

    Hi there!

    Hi there! my Name is Lisa and I just discovered the MFC by watching the live video with Mika. I am not so active on social media because they are unnecessary in my eyes (🙈) and I had no idea there was a fanclub, I AM THRILLED TO MEET EVERYONE!! I’ve already told you my name, and I’m 22 years old and I’m from Belgium. I live in the Flamish part. I love the English language and I’m a huge fan of Mika, but I guess we all are aren’t we! 😁 I started liking Mika when I was young through the radio my parents listened to, and since then I always have his music in my pocket. My first Mika concert was last year because my parents wouldn’t let me go when I was 12 years old. ( i totally understand mom and dad it’s cool.) so I’m A TOTAL NEWBIE! So u guess this is me
  6. Hi there! I would love to meet Mika fans from all over the world! 🥰

    1. silver


      If you tell us a little about yourself here, people will be happy to chat to you

    2. Mikasister


      Hi @Lisa_DS and welcome to the MFC. If you want, you can introduce yourself here and more people will welcome you. :welcomeani:Also you can tell us how you discovered Mika and what's the most thing you like about him.



    3. Lisa_DS


      Lovely I just did that 😻