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  1. Same! I am learning Italian. Because, why not? ☺️ Education opens doors, but language opens hearts. Just my opinion though 😆
  2. Just realized that this is actually not common (maybe in this fandom it is 🤣). I grew up like this as well.
  3. Yes he is, which is I think also the reason a lot of different people can identify themselves with him. People that are normally divided and stand opposite eachother, are being united by his music and are able to dance together. His gigs as you mentioned are a perfect example of this, even though I have yet to experience one, I believe your every word. The division I see on social media makes me very sad as well. We all have our own things we struggle with and fight for; may it be sexuality, gender identity, mental health, physical handicap, social status, race, nationality or t
  4. There have been several videos where I have seen Mika say “and here I am in front of a lot of strangers” and like you said, that is true. And you’re also right, it’s the other way around as well. He only shows us what he wants us to see, so we *think* we know him, but we only “know” our projection and interpretation of Popstar Mika. For all we know Neighbour Mika is somewhat creepy (oh no wait, that’s Max 😆) and Grocery Shopping Mika always cuts the queue and puts allllll of his pennies on the counter. It’s the beauty of having an idol who leaves many things open for interpretation and who als
  5. It’s very insightful as a new fan to hear theories from an old time fan, as you have followed Mika from the very beginning. I very much (and I think many with me) can identify the need to want change. To want to be able to regain some control over your life in this pandemic. But I also think this is the normal walk of life. The pandemic only magnifies that what is already naturally within us. As we get older there will be more circumstances where we have to deal with, therefore our experience grows.. and I also think we realize our time on earth is limited, so we think and prioritize that
  6. As I’m enjoying the last hours of the first day of the new year, I’m rewatching all of the clips of yesterday, celebrating over how awesome it was all over again 🎉 Is it me or did they make the Valentino outfits more form fitting? This suits him much better and flatters him more. Or maybe it just appears this way, because he’s moving around a lot as opposed to X Factor. I agree with @carafon that it’s a pity it’s not a recording of a live performance where he’s lip syncing to (I understand with all the dancing and the fireworks it’s very hard to do a live performance! No question!),
  7. The firework show on Mika’s music deserves one word: magnificent. Happy new year everyone ❤️
  8. Yes, he was very open about the bullying and how it made him feel. I am happy that he can talk about it freely, even though his emotions come back to a certain extent when he addresses it. When it comes to the point where it doesn’t paralyze you anymore when you talk about it, you can help normalize the topic by just sharing your experience. I think he did a great thing there, I agree with you. What I also thought was commendable, was what he said about online bullying. It’s easy to hide and be hateful to others. It’s easy to say anything without suffering real life consequences. The filt
  9. Aaaaand which 6 languages does his father speak? I’m guessing English, French, Spanish?, Italian?, Arabic? and maybe Chinese (Mandarin)?
  10. I was hoping you would comment on the interview, because I’m dying to discuss every part of it 🤣 The part about the people around him being a-holes: I had to think about the friend metaphor: friends greet you with „nice to see you, how are you doing? What would you like to drink?“ and real friends greet you with „hey a-hole, you look like sh*t. Beer? There‘s the fridge.“ 😆 I guess what he means is that the people closest to him aren’t afraid to tell him the good AND the bad. In his industry there are many who constantly tell you that you’re “amazing”, without meaning it. So he’s look
  11. Which fast test is that? I have the Roche and Lugene brands, but none of them are as good as the PCR one, so I’m curious ☺️ Also, PCR isn’t 100% either, unfortunately 😢
  12. Hi Eriko, do you have a high quality scan of Mika’s picture?
  13. You guys doing amazing work and I appreciate all you do ❤️ For those who don’t speak the language where Mika speaks in (he and I only have English in common 😅), we depend on your generosity 🌸 and you never let us down! Thank you!!!
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