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  1. That was just absolutely brilliant. It was wayyyy too short! When the credits rolled up I was like “no no no, we just got started!!!” This explosion of colour and melody was incredible. Mika being extra flamboyant made my day. I’m also surprised he didn’t push over some lamp posts, it’s too bad they don’t show a “bloopers” afterwards because I’m actually 100% he did
  2. Apparently they’re both doing fine! (Both Melachi and Amira). The last couple of stories it was only Amira in the picture and some were worried if Melachi was okie, but they both seem to be doing wonderful. They just don’t listen to Mika calling for them right away Peter is the reindeer in the background, the one in the wall
  3. Wait, you’re telling me he didn’t really climb that high??? *crushed image of Mika as a superhuman*
  4. You’re right, it’s very similar, but I do think it’s a different key. Either way, who knows! Maybe Mika watched Ghostbusters when he was a child (I know I did!) and it stuck.
  5. Listening to his playlist and assuming it is a date: I got an overall happy vibe, where he revealed a little bit of most (we ultimately don’t know all ) of his sides, but left a little mystery and question mark here and there. A teaser, so to say. And well, in the end he just hopes to have a REALLY good night (I have to smile every time the song comes up in my running playlist, because in my head I hear Mika saying this to Paul!)
  6. Wasn’t it that after 10 years of XF he was ready for a new challenge? Or maybe that is just what was said
  7. He will just need to copy the Mikaclopedia from here and he’s done!
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