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  1. The artist is Do Ho Suh, but I don’t see anything of his work being in Venice right now? The installation was in Los Angeles 2019 - March 2020: https://www.lehmannmaupin.com/museums-and-global-exhibitions/do-ho-suh-348-west-22nd-street
  2. Maybe one day I will, for now I would like to keep it to myself ☺️ Thank you for your understanding.
  3. Yes, I have been very lucky, I am very much aware of this. It’s something many fans wait years for… and I still can’t believe it happened to me. Mika is very kind to his fans, this can happen to everyone if you wait long enough. You just have to be patient and not force anything. I am sure your opportunity will come, but no one can tell you when 🌸
  4. Mika wrote down a short message for me and signed it, but not on the drawing, on the folder I had transported the drawing in ☺️
  5. Some fans have an extra souvenir 😆 but the letters HOPE are a hanger, only the necklace carrying the letters, broke.
  6. That is so intense! That’s such a special feeling, especially after seeing him again after 2 years ❤️ I cannot say I have experienced that. He just looked in my general direction but I was surrounded with faces he knows well and I am very short, so I am not surprised he most probably overlooked
  7. I have an inkling feeling that this has happened in the past before 😆
  8. I know what he’s doing! He’s looking for HOPE. The necklace broke down last weekend during the gig.
  9. Emma is referring to their “catwalk” entrance and that they are posing between walks like Madonna (but according to Emma, Madonna has nothing on them! )
  10. “Where did I drop my gummy bears” ”Soooooo…. this is interesting” ”Putting my heart why my mouth is, is anatomically impossible” ”I wonder if I could get a tan if I hold my shirt like this” “I am massively confusing my fans and I am loving it”
  11. Now it’s not “Mika is Missing” it’s “What is Mika Missing”
  12. Mika didn’t sign my drawing, because he didn’t want to ruin it (that’s what he apparently said). So he left me a message instead, on the folder I transported the drawing in ☺️ He said he thought it was beautiful and thanked me. Then signed the folder! It was even better than having my drawing signed 🥰
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