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  1. Most probably dancing on his platform ballerina‘s 🎉
  2. Where he is: the world (most probably Europe) What he‘s up to: no good!
  3. 🙈 seems to me I’m the only one who thinks he looks absolutely dashing with flat/wet hair as well 🙈
  4. I think I just assumed they all lived in Paris, not sure where this was based on 🙈 It wouldn’t be the first time his opinion changes 😆 Brexit does complicate things now. They are still negotiating I believe, but for how it is now: if your reason would be to be able to travel to Europe more easily, then I am afraid a British passport doesn’t have any advantage over your American passport. With both passports you are allowed to be on a tourist VISA for 90 days. Any extended period you would have to apply for a VISA (work, Schengen or otherwise). Before Brexit, this
  5. Wow really? I thought he had dual citizenship with the UK. That must be a hassle to get his VISA approved every time. Since I would assume he’s self-employed and doesn’t have a permanent residence in Europe, I’m not sure if he would be issued a work VISA (which country anyway 😆). I can imagine he has a repeated Schengen one then.
  6. I was wondering about this, since most of his siblings apparently live there now. Wasn’t Paris always his home in terms of where he felt he belonged more as opposed to London? In Paris him wearing bowties and colourful trousers would be celebrated, in London he would be bullied. I wonder if that had led the decision for his family to relocate to Paris, alongside Brexit maybe. The reason why I’m wondering about this, is because we made a similar decision for our little family. We’re colourful in terms of multicultural, interracial and multilingual. We noticed that living where we live
  7. As a world citizen home is where the heart is. And I think there is a lot of love in many places in the world for him ☺️ There are many sides of him that are represented all over the world, it isn’t confined to one place. He fortunately doesn’t have to choose.
  8. Now we know where he is! But just this week 😆 So maybe there is stuff coming up in France and Italy, hopefully! I’m curious.
  9. I am not sure why it made the font bigger in my previous post 🙈
  10. Well, I guess I am more the first camp, where I can say that I am very different when I’m in a different role. This also happens when I switch language, there it is more apparent, especially if the conversation is multilingual. I’ve noticed this with Mika as well, he is more candid in French and more reserved in English. I guess the contrast of him being the quiet kid at school and the performer at night, formed an escape for him where he was allowed to be a different person, a different reality where he was still all him, that part of him was just suppressed, but needed that outlet. His
  11. It would however mean 2 more weeks of quarantine in the current situation, not sure what he’s up to now (BECAUSE HE NEVER TELLS US 🙈) but I hope he can fit that in somewhere to come back 🥺
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