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  1. I LOVE the colour on him! The whole combination is classy and edgy and absolutely perfect!
  2. I actually think Mika has well defined opinions about many things, he just rarely voices them. Exactly like you say, it’s him being more careful with his 1+ million followers on all platforms. Didn’t he more than once took a social media break because of the “Twitter bitter” comments. People can be more bitter if they have a reason/opinion to be bitter about. If you just keep it in the middle, hopefully people are more confused than bitter (look at OM 2206, among other things 🤣). And yes, I agree with you, a Love that is a solid base and gives you the feeling you have arrived, is m
  3. Social media is a nice development to keep connected, but it can also be very superficial and when people are looking for or into more - very unfulfilling. It serves its purpose and you can develop beyond that if you’d like, but it’s not always a given. I’m actually happy the MFC gives that opportunity in a forum, where you can discuss more in depth and get to “know” the people more. I mean, during the pandemic it’s pretty much the next best thing, isn’t it 😆 And I also believe that it is far more interesting to leave things open for interpretation than it is to specify everything.
  4. Haha of course, I only put it through a translation website this morning, so please feel free to make it flow better 😊 I will be reading it more than once as well!!!
  5. This interview is absolutely beautiful, chapeaux to the journalist who wrote it. They captured Mika in a positive, enlightened and such a genuine way. I am in awe.
  6. THE INTERVIEW; Mika: "Mediocrity makes manipulable: culture is liberation". Silvia Avallone "I sang in the reception of record companies, without ever reaching the upper floors". The dyslexia and the loss of my voice, the harassment at school, the "teleportation bubble", the kidnapping of my father. Tormented and happy story of a pop star I guess Mika, at the entrance of the hotel, just because I am waiting for him. The mask on his face and the hat with the visor make him almost unrecognizable. He approaches the thermoscanner, sanitizes his hands. The Covid danger
  7. That makes two of us 🙈 And we’re used to Mika not replying 🤣 Keeps us guessing, which is more fun anyway! 😆
  8. I actually think it’s WhatsApp 😊 I’m sure his IG has THOUSANDS of unread ones 🤣
  9. Am I the only one that is bothered by the fact that he seems to have 62 (!!!) unread messages!?
  10. That’s why I was warped back into time! It’s one of those songs that will be played on dance evenings leading up to Christmas. It will also earn a permanent place on the dance teacher’s playlist, because of the easily recognizable beat, which is great for teaching tango. If Corona wasn’t a thing, I’m sure it would be a hit in the Canadian dance schools. But I’m afraid ballroom dancing isn’t such a big thing anymore, or is it? The song has an “in between” feel for me. Something to play in the background. It’s not happy, but it’s not super sad (melody wise) either. Beat wise I
  11. Just had to look up Pierre Lapointe. Apparently he’s a Canadian singer songwriter. Good strategy, as Mika will be joining Star Académie at the end of this year.
  12. Wait. What. There is a new collaboration? A Christmas song. With Pierre Lapointe. I am going to sit in a corner and process this.
  13. A doodle competition! Oh that sounds like so much fun, hopefully he will do it again with his new project 😆
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