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  1. I’m btw loving the playlist. Not every song necessarily, but I can tell we are from the same generation 🙈 (He’s only one year older than me.)
  2. I could imagine he’s back in Greece? It’s quite an act to transport dogs with all the paperwork and maybe someone who has to escort them.
  3. So I was trying to figure out who won The Voice France 2020 and I clicked on the English Wikipedia page... and what do I see, the judges for season 10 have already been revealed?? Mika Zazie Pascal Obispo Lara Fabian Can anyone confirm this????
  4. Haha! Although I’d much rather be the chicken than the prune 🤪 ANYWAY 😅 Good to see that he is/was in France. Wonder if it was only to visit family/friends or maybe talk about participating again as a coach in The Voice France? 🤔
  5. Look at us, only prunes on our minds! We’re such a naughty bunch 😆
  6. I totally misread that as Jardin de Prunes... prunes have become way too sexy for me 🙈
  7. Probably somewhere with good internet 🙈
  8. That was very cute how they did that with the person walking in with a huge screen serving as his face 🤣 hopefully we can see it here in Germany @mellody!
  9. Hopefully his neighbour finally allowed him to play the piano! I wonder if he’s like “yay, it’s Mika” or “ugh, it’s Mika” 🙈 But yeah, maybe he just took the break to focus on other things... we’ll know more very soon.
  10. So this has probably been misheard before, but I’m listening to Grace Kelly (live from Brooklyn Steel) and I have always thought he sang: “I can be brown, I could be blue, I could be violent sky.” Yeah, I can not unhear it anymore 🙈 always thought when I heard the song “wow there, no need to get violent! That escalated quickly.”
  11. so true re: hygiene for a show like XF. On the other hand: football season has started in Germany again (without audience, the players and staff are quarantined a week prior to the game) and that is going well so far. If there is (lots of) money involved, they will make it happen.
  12. Wow thank you so much for providing those links! And like I said: anything that isn’t subbed is more the reason for me to learn Italian 😊 I’ve wanted to learn a new language anyway and this would be a great reason!
  13. You know what, I would love to see him on the Italian X Factor! And any other TV project for that matter. If we won’t be able to see him live anytime soon then this is the next best thing, isn’t it? And with Stasera Casa Mika he was able to perform within his world, his universe that he created around his music. And it’s a very good reason to start learning Italian 😉 (I know that they will be subtitled here at MFC by the subtitling teams, but it never hurts to have an extra motivation to learn something new!)
  14. I guess with everything going on in the world, people have put social media (even more) as a center of their attention. With no other distraction, waiting for your favorite person to respond feels even longer and some get very impatient. Let’s be kind to one another and have more patience 😊 I think you guys are right about Mika putting a lot of thought into this, because that’s what it reflects, including making it look pretty and colorful. (Loved that!) Bad thing about being in the spotlight like him, you can’t do everyone justice. There were several posts that highlighted that he has less followers now, but in the end, you would want the people that see and appreciate you to stick around, not the ones that are upset with every little thing you do (or don’t do, in their respective timeline).