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  1. Well it’s August 31st now and today this is my list: LICM: Grace Kelly / Happy Ending TBWKTM: By the time TOOL: Stardust / Step with me NPLIH: Good Guys MNIMH: Tomorrow / Tiny Love That was hard! 😥
  2. Same here, I don’t hate it, but I like a lot better the new French one. 🤷🏻‍♀️
  3. You’re right! 🙈 You just need to meet Mika to fall in love with him it doesn’t matter if you’re a man, a woman or whatever. I just told Koningin in a message that I am really impressed about all the dedication, appreciation and love Mika receives through the IG posts, videos and the art work, most be rewarding for him but also a little overwhelming, I imagine he’s had to learn how to manage all these feelings to remain grounded. Thanks for the welcome msg and btw beautiful art work.
  4. Hola Petite Gio, sí esa fue mi principal motivación para unirme a el MFC para dar me cuenta inmediatamente cuando haya un concierto cerca, es decir por lo menos en este continente 😁, ojalá pronto se estabilice el mundo de toda esta locura que estamos viviendo para que podamos tener la oportunidad de ir a un concierto pronto. Cuídate mucho, saludos!
  5. Hola Adhara, cool picture! Thank you for your welcome msg. Hope to see you around, too.
  6. Hello Koningin, Thank you for your welcome message, I’m glad to read your story and of course I want to watch the video, It must be so special for both of you. It’s a shame about the cancelled concerts but We’ll get there. Nice to meet you Koningin.
  7. Thank you Gabriella and nice to meet you, too.
  8. Hello Sabine, thank you... I’m trying to figure out how this work. I didn’t know how to reply, just now. Nice too meet you.
  9. I’m from Mexico, 41 years old and I have to confess that I’m a new Mika fan. I’ve never been a fan person, I don’t remember to follow any artist in particular before, so it is very surprising for me... But there’s something about Mika that is really endearing and lovable, and it is beyond his talent... He’s a talented artist no question about it, but it’s more than that, he seems so authentic and so humble about his success. Last September he was on a radio show here in Mexico, he was so down to earth that he got my attention. But It was until quarantine that I started learning about hi
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