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  1. Thanks to you all for your welcoming words! 😊 Yes, I had the wonderful opportunity to attend the symphonic gig in Florence, but I hope he'll make another one one day so that other people will have the possibility to enjoy it as well 😊 Yes, I really hope the Verona gig will take place some day, so we'll be able to celebrate our graduation properly! I went to the gig in Livorno in December, I was in the front row and it was beautiful 🤩
  2. Hi everyone! I'm 25 and I'm from Italy. I discovered Mika back in 2009 when one of my classmates showed me the We Are Golden video, but I started to listen to more of his songs in 2013 when I became obsessed with Stardust. Later, in 2015 I finally became a real Mika fan, keeping up to date with everything he does and discovering the man behind the artist. I have been lucky enough to see him live 3 times (including a symphonic concert in Florence) and was looking forward to the gig in Verona this summer (it was also meant to be my graduation gift), when the coronavirus changed our lives and ruined every plan. However, I enjoyed watching his Cooking with Mika shows, a nice way to help pass the time during quarantine. I am now following him on X Factor Italy, happy to see him at least this way, and I hope he will also have the chance to sing some of his songs. And... that's all I guess. Nice to meet you all! 🤗