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  1. Y'all I can't believe I gotta say grow up but really there's so much hate here for what was supposed to be a coherent, diplomatic discussion (and it was!) If y'all got enough enthusiasm to create a fake account to talk s**t at least have a chat with me, I started this Psa no one ever said anything about old people being disgusting? fam we all got grandparents it's not like different generations are aliens
  2. You're right. In fact I haven't shared any of it bc of that. For the rest yea, absolutely, we could go on for hours if we had to contextualise every hate comment into topics, there's really an insult for everyone 🤦🏻‍♂️😂
  3. A99EEEBD-732D-4142-A341-4E8F269C726F.thumb.JPEG.06210107ae207c91d9e60d7a182a319a.JPEG

    Happy Trans Awareness week everyone! 

    Here's a lil edit I posted on my instagram (@mikosounds, # unrequested self promo)

  4. Yes! Especially today, I mean some of the adults may never be in this kind of situation but still a lot of employers look at applicants' social media profiles.. some things really may not make the best impression!
  5. Thank you to everyone who commented. I'd say the discussion is pretty much ending, I just want to clarify one more thing because apparently I need to. The thing about age is that the popular belief was that adults are more responsible, mature and open to dialogue. So while it's equally weird when a 14 year old makes this kind of remarks, it's kind of creepy when adults make sexual remarks because you'd think they know better. We discussed this already and saw that a minority does not. But no, I won't be coming for anyone older than 30 for vendetta, sorry. This whole fandom was created by great people and I really don't think this is some kind of war between generations. :') The main point was think twice about posting instead of thinking that people you're making uncomfortable are just special snowflakes that are being too sensitive Secondly, absolutely! No one of the people me or Jae or Susan or all of the others had in mind joined our discussion, which was predictable. However I was happy to discuss this on a forum and not in a DM chat with one person at a time because really great points were made, so thanks again for coming down to discuss with us! Have a great day everyone
  6. Thanks a lot for your comment, you explained everything clearly and I agree with you completely! I really don't think you can justify posting that kind of content without first checkin where it'll be and who can see it. I talked to quite a bunch of people these days, and yes, creepy is what I'd use to describe the general reaction. It's clearly impossible to prevent this content from being posted, but at least get a private instagram account or something similar! At least it will be viewed by people that want to.
  7. Okay I'll try to be as clear and concise as possible. 1. Sexualising is not fun. Sexualising considered in the sense of treating a person like an object for own (sexual) pleasure. 2. Freedom of speech (you should be able to react how you want) has a limit and that is when it makes someone uncomfortable, when it attacks someone else's freedom etc. For example, I may have the right to comment whatever I want, but people also have the right to stay on social medias in peace. We're talking about comments or behaviours that are totally uncalled for. Ignoring is, therefore, not the solution: why don't we just ignore white supremacy or other issues? It sounds like saying "I won't care til it affects me directly" and I don't really agree with that mentality. 3. The limit for users on IG is 13. It has never really been respected, yes. But hey! 13 year olds are minors just like 11 year olds. Literally nothing changes. And I fear a 13 year old does not appreciate people the age of their parents' commenting "I'd want to f*** you" under posts of their favourite artist. Saying that there's worse things doesn't make this better. My main idea is that saying "just ignore it and grow up" isn't the way you tackle things. I mean, Trump is cringe lately, that's how he is! I'm making exaggerated examples but it's sounding similarly to the ones related to this topc, so I hope I'm getting the point across. I don't think making this thread is "cringe". I think it's plain disgusting that people are so frustrated about their lives that they live their sexual fantasies publicly, online, in a community of all ages, with a guy that never consented and -sorry ladies- never will.
  8. Sorry then! I got that wrong and thought we were still talking of the original topic. No problem!
  9. Hi! Sorry if I was unclear in any way. There obviously is a wide range of comments and obviously and thankfully we're referring to a minority. I actually meant to agree on the difference between an emoji and an explicit comment, that was badly explained from my side. For the rest the post you quoted is still something I agree with, saying Also, I really didn't mean to make you feel targeted, I did not refer to any of your posts in particular. There are indeed some comments like the one you mentioned and censored yes, but there's not really something on your accounts that I wanted to criticise! I hope I was a bit more clear
  10. if you don't want to be sexualised just act heterosexually and cover yourself up haha 🧚🏼‍♂️
  11. Exactly. I just realised when earlier someone said "he humps things on stage it's obvious that we have the right to sexualise him if he does it already": that's exactly what people say at rape victims? "She wears a short skirt so she's asking to be sexualised". Nope. Mika can hump all the bear costume wearing people in the world and it's still going to be uncomfortable for us and possibly Mika himself that people comment explicit sexual remarks.
  12. Thanks for sharing your opinion! I absolutely agree with you 100%
  13. We should probably clarify again. While I'm still partially doubtful about Mika's enjoyment of the situation, this wasn't about him in the first place. We can't talk with him in fact so we can't imply we know his opinion because no we don't. This was from the fans to the fans. And I don't really know if we can classify sexualisation as humor. But despite that, the main point is that multiple people have said that some comments make them uncomfortable and that it would be nice if people were more careful on what they say. I'm really kind of astonished at how we can't find a common ground of saying we can all be more careful but we're debating wether or not it's funny to find sexual references in anything
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