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    I love drawing, Mika (obviously), reading and a lot of music.

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  1. I'm just wondering if Mika ever came to Ireland? I became a Mikafreak since last year (I'm very late I know 😔) But I always wanted to see him in person since he looks like a wonderful human being to talk to. I know quarantine is in the way and everything but I just hope someday he can come to Ireland! ^^
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    Hellooo! My name's Sheenagh (the 'gh' is silent). I started listening to Mika since May 9th 2019. I found him through YouTube recommendations and the first song I've heard from him was Popular Song, featuring Ariana Grande. I would rather not say my age since I am a minor. I am from Ireland so it'd be great to meet some Mikafreaks from Ireland He has made me smile a lot, which I am so thankful for. I am hoping to meet some wonderful fans from around the world! ❤️
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