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  1. Hej, dziewczyny! Ktoś właśnie podrzucił mi link do tego wątku - jak miło mieć takie osobne miejsce dla polskich fanów. Postaram się wpadać tutaj częściej. A tymczasem... chyba obejrzę sobie ponownie koncert z Wersalu. Miłego wieczoru!
  2. Hi, Elena! Yes, I hope so! I'll try to do my best.
  3. Hello, Sabine! Nice to meet you. I love Germany and German language
  4. Hello! And thank you, I haven't seen it before!
  5. Witaj, Aniu! Ja również się bardzo cieszę, że mogę być częścią MFC.
  6. Hi, Nina! Nice to meet you! I'm sure I'll have a loooot of fun!
  7. Hello everyone! I'm Paulina and I come from Poland. I've been a fan for more or less a year and I can say that I rediscovered Mika (yes, because I knew him before, but didn't pay attention to him, shame on me) when I’d started learning Italian... I knew his songs before, I listened to some of them quite often but I didn't realise that he is such a lovely person. But it’s changed when I was watching The Sanremo Music Festival last year and saw Mika performing "Amore che vieni, amore che vai" by Fabrizio de André... and I was speechless... This is how it began - I started watching his inter
  8. I watched the concert for the first time on Friday and I must admit that it was so beautiful and even more meaningful having in mind the fact that it was the last performance seen by Mika's mum…. I can’t even find the proper words to describe it! It was such an emotional ride…. So incredible and yet so heartbreaking… I really like the idea of putting the world of classical music and Mika’s crazy world together. I had goosebumps when I heard this remarkable performance of „Over my shoulder” sung together with Jakub Józef Orliński – I’m so proud of my compatriot! I was also so happy to hear




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