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    I love Paris!

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  1. So i guess - do NOT wear theese masks on a MIKA gig or concert! 😅I doubt they would help against corona either! I would go for costumes or/and masquerade masks!
  2. I think we all should were a MIKA-mask in theese corona times: Found this on Amazon: https://www.amazon.de/Celebrity-Cutouts-Mika-Maske-Pappe/dp/B07FSF42RX Maby MIKA should make masks for us in his tribe. Wonder what they would look like? Colorful, fun or golden i guess:
  3. Oh yeah! I think his songs are great now and then! Thanks for welcoming me:) @Dominika Guess i need some ice cream for this one... HOT stuff 😅: Oh yeah, Ice cream :
  4. Thanks @Littlelady A "little" surprise on Instagram! Did you see it? MIKA and his friend Max dropped by:) And @dcdeb was so sweet and fun as a potato! "Clipmika" made a drawing of MIKAs compliment to all of us in the MFC-crew : Watch the whole clip uncut here:
  5. Thanks for welcoming me @dcdeb Great performance on "Ice Cream" and i love his outfit: Was working on my header for my profile here in MIKAs fanclub:) I love designing so i made this for fun:
  6. Cool of you to do that! I love, love the video Really touching and deep... And what a perfect song!
  7. Thanks for welcoming me @Gabry74 Relax is a really great song! Love it! Yes, see you around:)
  8. This is a really cool and catchy song! Just can´t find it on spotify anywhere! Also one of my favorites! Love MIKAs nerdy, dirty look in this video! And his zig zag shirt! And i really believe him when he sings "I could change the worldI can make it better, kick it up and down. Take a chance on me", etc. Such a good actor! And the way he moves at the end... Just, WOW!
  9. Hi @TinyLove_CJ ! Yes i already have! Great page!
  10. Thanks @Mikasister Yes GK is amazing! I bet it was a hit worldwide! It was in Norway for sure! Yes, i have many favorite songs! Some of my favorite MIKA songs: Rain Make You Happy Love Today Hurts Celebrate Grace Kelly Relax, Take It Easy Last Party Staring At The Sun We Are Golden Popular Song Big Girl You Are Beautiful Happy Ending Underwater Stuck In The Middle Emily Everybodys Talking´ - Napster Live Session Promiseland The last one "My Name Is Michael Holbrook" is ama
  11. MIKA - Just the way i like him! Uniqe and cool in every way! J’adore!
  12. I´m Marit from Norway. Hi! My age? Close to MIKAs age;) I love music (MIKA is my favorite), singing, traveling, teather, musicals, i love creating and designing. I have worked in the media business for many years. I was an editor at Norways biggest site for kids a couple of years ago at Scandinavia Online (SOL) https://sol.no/. They got new owners and they decided not to produce their own content anymore. Just link to others. It sadly now has just become an aggregator for news. No own creativity! It was a dream job and i did it all myself. I designed the web design myse
  13. Thanks for welcoming me, Mikas sister:) Yes, i can write some lines there! Will be back with something in a little bit...
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