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    Music, singing, playing the piano, travelling, theater, musicals, drawing/designing, photographing and filming, creating.

    I love Paris!

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  1. Magical "Hero" performance by MIKA! 🎩 A little short You Tube video tho... Loved the whole show! 🌈❤️ LIBERTE! 🕊
  2. Woooooooow again! 🤪 In comes this mystery man! Could it be the wizard? 🎩 (Magical performance and acting by MIKA. Those eyes… I was blown away by this «Hero» scene.) 😅 The wizard brings meaning🙏🏼, life 💗 and colors 🌈 to the LIBERTE stage. 🕊 Everyone is a hero in their own special way. 🌟🌈 If someone gets in our way, we just do the Ka-ching-a! 💫 The «Grace Kelly» song at the end was… 💖 Again, MIKA, you're a great teacher 👨🏻‍🏫 and made these students shine like stars! ⭐️ And they where gorgeous and talented in their own special way! 🌈🎶 I adored them all! ❤️ It was so fun to «be a par
  3. I´m looking forward to the show tomorrow! And I like the word "Liberte"!
  4. Beautiful queenie! 👍🏼💖 Love the dress! A whole lot of it...😄
  5. 516ef3cbc4e642e68161238ade2290d3.MOV e79540d3957840ab9a1d03169a492730.MOV Amazing teacher and artist!
  6. Wooaaowww! MIKA takes us to another world! A whole lot of work has gone into this show! Amazing work! The performances were great! You made them shine, MIKA and you shone as well! And I loved the «Halleluja» at the end… I wonder if we're going to see any of them again as shining stars in the future? It takes a whole lot of courage to be a star. There are a lot of energy thieves out there. You just have to learn to block them out and be yourself, no matter what. In the end it's the passion for music that it's all about…
  7. 516ef3cbc4e642e68161238ade2290d3.MOV e79540d3957840ab9a1d03169a492730.MOV
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