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  1. @sara09 Hello, yes it was me, I haven't said much but it was a good way for me to have faces associated to names I have seen regularly.
  2. Hello, this is my 12 year old dog, her name is Lassie
  3. Thank you everyone for the welcome and suggestions
  4. I'm still trying to understand how everything works but thank you all, I hope to talk with you soon @Kumazzz It's my friend Andy who drew me with a sheep because I have curly hair and I like sheep, I didn't do it myself
  5. Hello, I'm Liam; I am 21 years old and I live in France. I have been a fan of Mika approximately since Relax was released. I am a little nervous to introduce myself here as I don't really know many people, but I hope I will be able to chat with some of you in the future. Mika has been a great inspiration for me ever since I was a child, and it would be really nice to talk with people who can relate to my admiration for him. I am autistic and I hope it won't be a problem with anyone, but if I sometimes say something that comes off as rude, it is never my intention and you are w
  6. This is my first time commenting on the forum, but I think it's a serious matter. I'm 21 years old and I must say that I agree with Chandler. Whenever I look at mika's posts there are Always comments sexualising him, even on "regular" posts. I've been part of the fandom for about 10 years, and I know that when I was 13yo I would have been rather shocked by that kind of comments. The younger fans did not choose to come upon that kind of content for one thing, but also sexualising a celebrity can make anyone uncomfortable (including me, as a sex repulsed person with PTSD). I think that if you wa
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