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  1. Feliz día de la madre para las argentinas!!
  2. Hola! Me llamo Camila y soy de Costa Rica. Me alegra encontrar personas hispanohablantes jaja!
  3. Hi @carafon!! Costa Rica it´s beautiful and the wildlife it´s amazing, totally recommended!! I would welcome you here with open arms! I totally agree, a Mika concert would be the perfect opportunity!
  4. Nice to meet you Gabriella!! Thanks for the warm welcome By the way, awesome pic!!!
  5. Thanks!! I´m very happy for being here!!
  6. Thank you for the welcome Eriko!! Yes! I´m really excited about it!
  7. Hi @Paoletta!! Thanks for the warm welcome!!
  8. Nice to meet you Sabine! Greets to Germany!!
  9. Perfect! Thank you for the information!
  10. Muchísimas gracaias por la información!!
  11. Hello! My name is Camila and I´m from Costa Rica. I´m a srudent. I speak spanish, english and i´m learning french. I discovered Mika by watching videos from The Voice France and in that moment I fell in love. I´m so excited to be here and meeting new people around the world that share the same feeling for Mika.
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