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  1. Sure, this photo is purely for the "treasures", no other reason whatsoever
  2. He is definitely magic among us mere humans Me on the other hand, I look more like this when I am stuck in traffic
  3. How can someone who is stuck in traffic and running late still look so gorgeous and dreamy?!
  4. Thank you Gabriella, nice to meet you too
  5. Exactly Lying against it is the best way to end the day
  6. Thanks @silver, I definitely will! Lots of ailments to speak of lately since hitting that darn 40!
  7. Thanks so much for the sweet message and for the thread, I will check it out! I love how everyone's pets seem to have some Mika reference You know, the funny thing is that my husband actually likes Mika's songs, he was the one who purchased the first CD after we saw the Beirut concert; he just doesn't like that Mika is now the only one we listen to and talk about all the time So sweet that your daughter went with you to The Voice even though she is not a Mika fan! I hope I will be able to take my little Mika fans to one of his concerts one day too (come one Mika, no more quarantine requirements in Canada ); they are only 7 and 4 years old, but it's really funny to see them walking around singing Mika songs. The 7 year old went through an "Overrated" phase and the 4 year old was hooked on "love you when I'm drunk" for a while, which is probably not a great parenting win for me . What can I say, it's the Mika effect!!
  8. Thanks! It was definitely fate
  9. It's actually a massive body pillow with 2 pictures to snuggle with on each side Got it as a birthday present earlier this year, but Grace Kelly seems to think its hers!
  10. Thanks, I hadn't seen that thread before, I will check it out!
  11. Thanks She actually did make her debut on that thread a few weeks ago, when I was sort of lurking around The funny thing is that most of the pictures I have are of her sleeping on that pillow, she loves Mika!!
  12. Thank you everyone for the super warm welcome!
  13. That's very cute! Funny thing is that I wasn't the one who named her, it's a total coincidence! She is a rescue cat and it was the person fostering her at the time who named her Grace Kelly because they thought she looked very dainty Of course, after being in our household for a few years now, she is more of a clumsy Princess Fiona than a dainty Grace Kelly, but we wouldn't have it any other way Here she is in all her glory on my Mika pillow
  14. Hi Everyone, I am Maha from Canada (Toronto). I have been lurking on here without introducing myself long enough, so I figured it's time for me to come out of my shell I discovered Mika last year after the I love Beirut concert (I was born and raised in Lebanon, moved here in 2005); I mostly only listened to 80s music before, but since discovering Mika, I find myself listening exclusively to his music without ever getting sick of it (though I can't say the same about my poor husband )! I'm 42 years old with 2 young daughters who also adore Mika, and a somewhat grumpy cat who is coincidentally named Grace Kelly I am really happy that I found this little community, where in addition to keeping me informed about Mika and his social media posts and upcoming projects since I am not on any social media platforms myself, I now also get an opportunity to take little breaks throughout my work day to quickly check what's happening and get a good laugh reading some of your funny comments That's it for me. Hope to meet you all sometime soon!
  15. As someone who lives in Canada, I like your thinking Anna Mika, Toronto is lovely at this time of year!
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