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  1. Thank you MFC, for everything I have been able to experience in this short time that I have been here!This is a great fandom with beautiful people! I hope for many more fun years with you guys here!💕 You really are like a second family to me!🤗 MIKA's music has helped through many difficult times this year🥰
  2. Heyy allemaal, ik ben al een tijdje nieuw op het forum🙈 Super leuk dat er ook een Dutch thread is! Ik kom zelf uit België🇧🇪 Echt stom dat MIKA pas geweest is in België! Ik had het echt leuk gevonden om naar dat concert te gaan☹️
  3. My three favorite songs are💗: - Tiny Love - Good Guys - Underwater But all his songs are amazingg
  4. Bruno Mars is a genius! His songs are amazingg🤩
  5. I love OUAT soo muchh!💗 My favorite characters are of course Hook and Emma, Rumple and Belle! I haven't watched the whole series yet🙈
  6. Hello Sara, nice to meet you too Thank you soo muchh!💗
  7. Hellooo Elena Nice to meet you too! Thank you soo muchh!💗
  8. Hi Clelia and thank you soo muchh!💗
  9. Hi Gabriella! Thank you soo muchh!💗
  10. Hello Mikasister and thank you soo muchh!💗 Yes that's true😉 Thank you for the help!
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