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  1. Deb wanted to know the number of person who will go to Paris on october... so I will be there and I am interested for the MFC block!! don’t know if I am on the right section, I am so lost in this forum, sorry
  2. Thank you a lot! Btw, do you know where can I find the year book session for this year? I only find it for passed year.... have a nice evening
  3. Hello everybody, I hope you are fine For french people, do you know if the magazine « Télé 7 jours » about Mika is still available ? I didn’t manage to get it last week, I am so sad.... thanks !! have a nice day and take care Salut tout le monde, j’espère que vous allez bien, savez vous si le magazine Télé 7 jours avec Mika est encore disponible? Je n’ai pas réussi à me le procurer la semaine passée je suis dégoûtée ... merci à vous passez une bonne journée et prenez soin de vous
  4. Hello everybody, Just a little message here, I discovered the fifth album of Mika few months ago, and since I can’t stop listen him!! And I discovered this huge, beautiful and warm communauty throught instagram and TikTok. So happy to be part of the family haha. I participated to few lives on Instagram and I really enjoy it. Talking with Deb and all of you makes me soooooo happy!! Sorry for the mistakes, I am french 😅Thanks for all take care Myriam Sax
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