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  1. I don't have the words. AMAZING! INCREDIBLE! AWESOME! Love.😍🤩🥰
  2. Ah, I wondered if you were on it too! Good luck, it was a bit chaotic in the queue.
  3. Currently sitting on the Eurostar at St Pancras Station. Oh we're off! Hi London! Bye London! 😂
  4. They look comfortable. Loose, easy to wear, nice and cool. Soft, silky and sensuous against hot skin. Ok I'll stop there. There's a definite Asian style to them.
  5. Can we get a small bouquet for Ida then, as a supporting soloist? I'm happy to contribute for it. Agree that Mika is the most important.
  6. @dcdeb how much would a smaller bouquet be? How much are we short, if we wanted a small one for Ida, or for Ida and Max? Maybe smaller than the one for Simon?
  7. I love these little warm-up stories, they're a fascinating look behind the scenes. Look at his neck muscles working on the panting! Singing ain't easy.
  8. Ladies of Paris, I need your help please. Where is a good place to buy shoes that don't cost a fortune?
  9. Ida, and Max, and Thibaut who did the beautiful guitar music for Les Baisers Perdus at the Royal Opera concert in Versailles. Oh that's brilliant!
  10. Hi Myriam - no, don't worry, it was a planning meeting for the fans going to Paris.
  11. Oh wow! I wonder if that's why they've moved some chairs from the Sunday night performance? A DVD would be awesome.
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