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  1. This is lovely, and inspiring. A truly beautiful, uplifting and generous project. All the Mika hallmarks! ❤️
  2. Ahh, ok. Thank you, those are good insights. 😊
  3. Yes, I meant when Covid isn't such a restriction - certainly not expecting it to happen this year, maybe a couple of years, and of course it depends on his schedule - if the Revelation Tour is restarted he'll be out in Asia and South America for a while. But, vaccines and road maps are being gradually rolled out, so venues might like to know demand is there to prepare and plan for reopening.
  4. Thanks Silver! I've emailed the listed contact at YMU as well - can't hurt to cover all bases. Following on from Vicki's post above about contacting venues, I had a thought - do we know which Mika's favourite or preferred venues are in the UK? I'd love to see a full UK tour, but it might not be practical with his schedule. If we can gather a list of preferred options, we could all contact the venues to let them know and ask if they could help in any way.
  5. Um. I'm confuzzled. Mika said his UK promoter is Metropolis and agent Alex Hardee at Paradigm, but in the faq thread it says his UK rep is YMU, which seems to have an active contact: https://music.ymugroup.com/people/mika Anyone able to clarify?
  6. Hi all So, I'm not expecting a response, but I've just emailed Alex Hardee asking how we can get Mika in the UK again, and if there's anything we (the fans) can do to help achieve it. If I do get a reply I'll share it here. If I don't get a reply... try, try again, I can be a pleasant but persistent thorn if needed. 😈 Edit: have also emailed Metropolis.
  7. Oh, what a lovely welcome! Thank you all so much! You guys rock! I'll read the info and follow the other platforms, thanks! @TinyLove_CJ I'm in East Yorkshire, Humber area. Hmm, I wonder how many of us there are?
  8. Hi everyone! My name is Andrea (she/her) and I'm in the North-East UK. My age? Ahhh... older than I like, I recently turned 47. Eek. But I'm young at heart, so what's an age anyway? 😂 I rediscovered Mika over the Christmas lockdown, initially from seeing him in clips online from The Voice France. I was intrigued that this generous, charming, polished, cheeky gentleman was the same curly headed boy who had hit the charts with Grace Kelly. I remembered how much I had enjoyed his music before, so looked him up online, read his history (incredible) and listened to the songs I'd missed out on, and
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