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  1. Or twitter! Any form of communication is good! But we understand, he's busy getting to know his new friend. Good things will follow.
  2. Oh I know, she's good. But I'm not exactly hiding. and, I did nothing wrong! It was all in the interpretation. Besides, a virtual finger wag/poke is as exciting as my life gets at the moment... Hey, no updates today from the master? Quick, whisper something!
  3. No! The website says the Sunday performance is "indisponible - liste d'attente" (unavailable - waiting list) and links to their ticket resales site! I'm confused, how can it be booked already?! The first batch of sales isn't due until Monday for "friends and circle". What am I missing?
  4. Sorry, it's still not clear. That's just one perspective. Several angles and projections are needed to gauge a reasonable estimate of size.
  5. Put your finger away, you don't know what I was going to ask. . I might have said how big is his bathroom!
  6. Everything? so how big is his OHH no you mean the song, ok never mind.
  7. Nothing I recognise. We need the Mika whisperer on the case! @Prisca quick, ask him what the music is!
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