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  1. Can we get a small bouquet for Ida then, as a supporting soloist? I'm happy to contribute for it. Agree that Mika is the most important.
  2. @dcdeb how much would a smaller bouquet be? How much are we short, if we wanted a small one for Ida, or for Ida and Max? Maybe smaller than the one for Simon?
  3. I love these little warm-up stories, they're a fascinating look behind the scenes. Look at his neck muscles working on the panting! Singing ain't easy.
  4. Ladies of Paris, I need your help please. Where is a good place to buy shoes that don't cost a fortune?
  5. Ida, and Max, and Thibaut who did the beautiful guitar music for Les Baisers Perdus at the Royal Opera concert in Versailles. Oh that's brilliant!
  6. Hi Myriam - no, don't worry, it was a planning meeting for the fans going to Paris.
  7. Oh wow! I wonder if that's why they've moved some chairs from the Sunday night performance? A DVD would be awesome.
  8. Sounds like a little viewing party is coming together!
  9. Yep! I arrive early afternoon, so I'm thinking check in, dump my bags, try the creperie next door to the hotel as I probably won't have had any lunch, have a walk round the local streets while it's still light to get my bearings, then back to the hotel to get ready for dinner - wherever that might be. Plan B - check in, dump my bags, lie on the bed to try it out and accidentally fall asleep... (probably be too excited though)
  10. Actually - does anyone know a nice place to get a facial in Paris? Although I guess the good ones will be booked up now.
  11. Yep, I still need to transfer everything to my new phone, download the TAC app, download my money app, print back ups of tickets etc. Plus take Martha to the vet, get my hair done, etc. Gonna be a busy week!
  12. Thank you! Now hunting for shoes and a wrap... while working full time next week. Easy!
  13. And I've got mine! WOOHOO! Was dithering between green, blue or red, but went for classic black in the end as I'll be more likely to wear it for other events. Long skirt with a chiffon overlay, and chiffon pleating on the bust. So pleased, I just feel a bit more special in a dress. This is it (looks better on the model of course...) https://www.scarlettandjo.com/collections/plus-size-dresses/products/nancy-marilyn-black-chiffon-maxi-dress?variant=37271260228
  14. I can't watch the streaming link either. But, https://m.vk.com/videos-23729576 It should appear on this link very soon, probably within the next 24 hours. Be patient, the owner will upload it soon.
  15. Looks like he's walking on water!
  16. I just checked the weather forecast and it looks a bit wet that weekend. Brollies up!
  17. So it seems there's 2 groups for Saturday night after the concert, those who want to go wait at the film studio, and those who prefer to go back to their hotel to watch the final on TV. At the moment the latter option is more appealing, he'll be tired after the concert and the live and wanting to rest for the Sunday concert, doesn't seem right to impose on him. (plus warmth and comfort ). I'm not staying at the Mercure, does it have a lounge we can have a viewing party in?
  18. That is gorgeous, I bet it looks great on you! I see what you mean about the pattern mimicking Mika's suit, it's really nice. What colour shoes are you going for?
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