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  1. This. You can have it with Golden Syrup, or with jam, or fruit, just like any pancake topping. I've only ever seen Parkin as a cake. The Cooplands bakers in town sell it, usually in packs of 4 squares. Are those not gingerbread piggies? Very cute. Yuck! Sorry, can't stand fruit cake. Unless it's Soreen malt loaf, that's yummy.
  2. *raises hand* Add me to the virtual travellers club. I've used it to check out places I need to visit, and also places of interest. Being able to walk around Machu Picchu in Peru, or along the Great Wall of China, or the Pyramids at Giza, is amazing.
  3. I'm in East Yorkshire and had no idea! *snaffles puddings in gravy* These are veggie, right? Dessert: Yorkshire pudding and golden syrup.
  4. It's a funny way to write a song. (Sorry Mika, I'm just kidding, you work very hard and deserve some fun time too. )
  5. I want to start booking things, but I'm holding off until I have an update on my passport - I should get a notification this week, hopefully to say that my docs have been accepted and it's in process. If not I'll be chasing them! In the meantime I've gone down a rabbit hole of looking at jewellery online.. so important to have the whole look put together.
  6. Why aren't you in the NC? The windows still need cleaning.
  7. I know, right? She has shoes like that!
  8. Aww, thank you. Well, there's more to grab, certainly.
  9. As an adult I think the smallest I've been was a 14 (UK size) and that was some time ago! These days it's big belly, big hips, big boobs, big bum.
  10. Ooh, me likey. The song I mean. And... I've just realised it was named on the clip. I saw e-pro and thought it was the name of the camera.
  11. I didn't know about reels, I thought it had been deleted until I noticed an icon I'd not seen before, and bingo! Anyone know the song? Is it Beck?
  12. I've just realised he's standing on a chair to reach with a broom even though he's tall himself. How high is that door?! Is he cleaning for giants??
  13. Nice try, but no, you don't get out of it that easily. You need to do some work yourself missy! You can choose: - clean all the windows (inside and out) - sweep the sooty chimney and clean the hearth - clean out the attic (with all the spiders)
  14. Absolutely, I'd be happy to, no need for any of us to be alone. Looks like a good choice of hotels in those areas too! Have you definitely decided on a hotel then? I know you previously were thinking of sharing. I had a quick look at Airbnb, there are some nice places but they all state 'no parties' so I'm not sure if a group of MFC’ers would be accepted. (It's not like we're on a hen/stag do). Although there was muttering of a pyjama party at the Mercure which might be worth crashing.
  15. I've still got to decide what to wear, along with booking travel and finding accommodation, so we're in similar situations. Travel - easiest route for me is by train, I can go from my town direct to London and transfer to the Eurostar directly to Paris. I need to check the luggage, but think it's less restricted than flying. Accommodation - I'd be interested in sharing an Aparthotel or Airbnb, but don't want to confirm until I know I have a passport, as I don't want to let anyone down by having to drop out. Otherwise I think I'd look for a hotel closer to the centre, and get a travel pass or even a taxi to/from the venue. Clothes - I'm waiting for the Autumn/Winter stock to hit the shops, the clothes will be more suitable for Paris in October. If I wore the stuff available now I'd be freezing! So as always with me, it's going to be a last minute rush to get sorted.
  16. I'm ashamed to say that took me a moment... @TinyLove_CJ Naughty Corner right now young lady!
  17. Friday night cocktails! Or mocktails. Or, well, whatever you want really! I'm having a Chambord Royale:
  18. Better make sure we bring flags for everyone! *Has vision of an MFC train pulling into the station in Paris* *Station manager* Why is that train still standing there? It should have departed 20 minutes ago! *Conductor* I know, but the passengers don't want to disembark, they just keep shouting "coucou" and singing and dancing. *Station manager* Singing? What? *Conductor* Not sure, but it's catchy, look. *Train guard dances past* "sucking too hard on your lollipop..."
  19. I'm really surprised by this, I was under the impression that trains in Europe were mostly quick and reliable! Well, not the old bone-shakers, but the more modern high speed intercity type.
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