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  1. I mean, apart from Mika? Hmm... Madame Kay - je t'aime
  2. Are you bringing your wand to Paris? It might be useful.
  3. My lord, after all that I'm exhausted. But... I HAVE TICKETS! YESSSSS! Right, need to get a new passport sorted out now. Hope I can find my old one!
  4. Hi! Oh yes please! Could you pm me the cost/payment details?
  5. Yes, it's taken me to the waiting list so queuing for a 2nd time... Probably be another hour...
  6. @Serendipity how are you doing, are you in yet?
  7. Still waiting... At this rate I'll probably have to look for resales...
  8. Me too. It gave me an error and is making me queue again.
  9. 5 minutes on my timer... oooooooohhhhhhhhhhhh....!!
  10. Following @Serendipity's tip (thanks!) I changed browser and am now in the file d'attente... Waiting for it to fail... What an awful site, I hope they're better organised at the events!
  11. 503 error here. Their server can't handle the traffic.
  12. Hope all goes well! I'm too nervous/excited to sleep yet. It's worse than Christmas!
  13. Come on detectives, we have work to do! Is he at a restaurant, at home, is he visiting friends/family? Does anyone recognise the artwork on the coasters? Risotto ai calamari is popular in the Veneto region, is he back in Venice? Details, details..
  14. So follow me... It's a thread about Mika. How could it not be gasmic?
  15. Did Mika cook this? I thought he was at a restaurant!
  16. That was freaky timing. @Priscadid you whisper to him?
  17. He's been active on sm but no updates about himself. Who knows where he is now? The last time we saw him he was on an Air France plane. I'm guessing he stayed in the EU given the veggies in his bag, unless he's taken to smuggling lettuce. So where is he? Detectives?
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