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  1. It seems to be different for each venue. A workmate attended a couple of concerts here recently. In the enclosed arena, masks were recommended but not enforced. In the open-air venue, masks were required, and some people who refused were ejected. Best we can do is contact the venue and prepare for anything! (What am I saying, it's a Mika concert, of course we're prepared for anything! )
  2. I think my card will have a hernia, the amount I need! What are you doing about money? Are you taking a credit card, or one of those prepaid travel cards? Plus some Euros of course.
  3. Is anyone else still deciding what to wear? I still need new stuff, all my regular clothes are shabby and worn thin or have tears and holes from my cats claws. Trouble is there's no shops near me now, so I'm going to have to do a bulk order online, and have the hassle of returning most of it. Trying to find clothes online isn't as exciting as hitting the shops!
  4. Yayy! I need to check my contract, I think there's an allowance but I might need to buy an add-on. Of course, everything is currently saved digitally, so I'll need to use it if only to access tickets, health pass, Google maps etc.
  5. He's posted a story from tonight's performance. All I can say is AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHH!!!!!
  6. Have a fantastic time, don't faint, and save some croissants for us! Give our love to Mika if you get chance. ❤️
  7. Are you trying to make me think naughty things now?
  8. Does mean I'm walking home in the dark with a blister, but meh, I'm passing the chippy.
  9. Just ditched a night out cos I'd rather be at home chatting with you guys and watching Mika. ❤️
  10. First time without having naughty thoughts.
  11. Eh, mangiato, mungiato, what's one letter? At least it wasn't an r. Yeah, my (very little) Italian has taken a back seat while I concentrate on brushing up on French for the Paris trip. Expect more of these!
  12. I wanna dance on the table too. Would have to be a strong table. And floor. What does Mika say to Manuelito on the 2nd clip please? I lose it after 'lo sei'.
  13. We don't even have an Oreo cake there to help her. Unless anyone has the number of an emergency baker? 🚨🍩
  14. 2 words: dog poop. I believe him, he looks a little agitated.
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