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  1. In the video: 0:57 - Mika looking at his colourful nails. 1:28 - Manuelito looking at his plain nails then glancing ruefully towards Mika. I think we just witnessed influence in action.
  2. Maybe it's a clue to his new artistic direction for the Philharmonie. I look forward to the matching multicolour glitter eyeshadow. This man is giving me make up ideas!
  3. Be funny if we all got dressed up for the concerts, then he rocked up in that pink hoodie and sweatpants.
  4. Wait, is xfactor filmed in Milan? I thought it was done in Rome. Or is that just the auditions and promos? I can't keep track when he's just in one country, never mind globally.
  5. It was an Instagram story. Stories only stay up for 24 hours on instagram, then are automatically deleted. Fortunately, MFC is good at saving them. The social media thread has all the posts and stories. Here's the photo. And a belated Happy Birthday for yesterday! Sorry I missed it. I'm glad you enjoyed it. 🎂🎁🎉🎶🎊
  6. All this talk of Mika's r's. We're not in the gasmic thread.
  7. I mean, we could just say 'Mika' and smile hopefully.
  8. Good info here: https://www.salutfromparis.com/best-walking-shoes-for-paris/ Sneakers, particularly white, are a popular choice with PaRisians. (Athough good luck keeping them looking clean in October if it's raining ) Otherwise, as long as they don't look too sporty, they're fine. Alternatives - flat/low heel brogues/oxfords/derbies, or ankle boots (preferably waterproof).
  9. Thank you! I was actually OK with that one, as the words were on screen (and I could pause/replay sections). Small correction, it was Zazie who said boire, and Mika who said no. Voila: Mika: She likes to... Zazie:... drink. Mika: No! No! Zazie: One year he had said that: "She drinks a lot" So nice of him! Mika: No she likes to keep her lips moist. Zazie: Yeah.
  10. I'm in! I can't wait. Thank you for making all these enquiries and arrangements@dcdeb 2 questions: - will we need to wear face masks on the boat? -can we bring alcohol on the boat?
  11. Thank you, that's really helpful! I like the sound of the Musée de l'Orangerie, the Paname brewing company and the covered passages like Galerie Vivienne for traditional ambience and quirky shopping. As for 'don't fill up on croissants', well, pfft. Don't come between a woman and her pastries!
  12. Just write a designer name on the side, you'll be fine. *Adds new shoes to the ever-growing list of things to buy for Paris*
  13. I almost envy you discovering the funnies for the first time! You're going to have fun. Songs - Live Your Life, Boum Boum Boum (live shows from the Heaven tour, or the Sinfonia version), Talk About You, Ice Cream. This is joyfully infectious: Videos - there are so many, and it depends on what you find funny. I like these. Fun moment that shows his coaching skills. The end is brilliant. I love this, it's so fun and happy, love when he copies NAIP's dance. Love his interaction with Mitch here. He's a natural storyteller, always makes me smile. And it shows how he evolves and reinterprets his songs. Plus many moments from Stasera Casa Mika, and his four "Cooking with..." Instagram shows. All episodes are in the translation team's thread. Have fun!
  14. Not missing. Nice place. Is it his house, or are they at a hotel? Does he still have a house in London? Does anyone else think the drawings look like Italy? I get that feel with the trees and shape of the buildings. No idea about the portrait.
  15. Oh yes. He'd be the best language teacher, you'd want to listen to the lessons just to hear his beautiful voice. Even when it's swearing. Besides, I like to know the naughty words, it can be useful.
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