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  1. He's like Emma, I get occasional words and gist but don't expect a full translation. I was watching the 3rd blinds yesterday, and there was a "rapper" who Emma really let rip on for his attitude. Just really strong impassioned ranting, the other judges were leaning away from her! I'd love to be able to do that. Although I do know the word she used at the end.
  2. I've said it before - Mika should release a language learning course. I loved languages at school, I did Spanish GCSE and French GCSE and A level (plus 2 years of Latin and 1 year of German but thanks to changing schools, quickly forgotten) but that was nearly 30 years ago, so it's extremely rusty! The other day I couldn't even remember how to say sorry in French and had to look it up. I was so embarrassed. I need to refresh the basics before the Paris concerts in October. Strangely although I've never studied Italian, I've watched the x factor Italia videos so often that it's sinking in, and I've found myself using the odd words. Ok, usually when I'm talking to myself, but that counts, right? I actually really love the way Italian feels and sounds, so I've also started learning it on Duo Lingo, but I'll check out the links above too, thank you! (BTW, how fast does Emma Marrone speak? Damn that girl can talk!) Maybe I should watch The Voice again to kick-start my French.
  3. God I love when Mika and Zazie pair off like this, you can tell they have a genuine camaraderie. I could watch them tease and bounce off each other all day. They understand each other so well. 😍❤️😆
  4. I mean, just being on Team Mika covers all the above. We're just being good fans and sharing the workload. Ooh, I could put this on my CV as an example of good teamwork.
  5. Am I the only one who thinks that mini Mika's, although incredibly cute and adorable, would be a complete handful? Given his mischievous and impish sense of humour. I'll let you two do the babysitting. I'll go dogsit Sharky and Moo instead. @TinyLove_CJ will want in on that too.
  6. Nope, your English is good. It's those sneaky letters that can't behave. The r goes missing, the h sneaks in, and the least said about q and x the better.
  7. Genius! It works if you play it while scrolling through the pics too!
  8. Could anyone translate please? I get most of what Mika says, but lose track when Jen and Florent start, they're too quick for me.
  9. Definitely. The opening sounds exactly like his original audition.
  10. I just snort-giggled. Honestly, I sounded like Mika. That's probably the only time I'll ever be able to say that.
  11. Even better, there's also a 2 and a 0. So it's 3/4 correct!
  12. How you holding up there @TinyLove_CJ? Willpower still strong?
  13. OK, best I can do on my short tatty nails without a super-duper manicure! Smartie nails. I don't have orange or yellow, but I do have pinks, reds, blues, greens, purples, golds, metallic sheens, and glitters.
  14. I never realised we were supposed to dust the air! Thanks Mika.
  15. Symphonic versions of Tiny Love, Heroes, Last Party, Happy Ending.... Oh heck, I'll be buried in a pile of soggy tissues. You might have to pull me out afterwards. Worth it for that, sounds heavenly.
  16. Yes, me too. Thanks everyone, so much help and support in this thread, it's great. OMG you're right, of course I'd need two! You're a genius!
  17. That's a good manicure, mine would have chipped off by now! Ok, ok. Bitten, chewed, nibbled and peeled off.
  18. Beautiful. I love seeing him so happy and relaxed. 😍❤️ Gorgeous house too!
  19. We only know if he lets us know, through his posts on Instagram or Twitter. Last confirmed place was Connecticut. He might still be there, or he might have moved on. We'll find out where our favourite traveller is in good time. Pretty much the only thing we can confirm is that he's on planet earth.
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