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  1. Hi Prisca, thanks. Good to meet you too.🌸
  2. Hi Sara, thanks. Good to see you again here. 🌻
  3. hi Nina, We already met at my own introduction topic. But I see you are a very recent fan, so welcome to you here as well . I wish you a wonderful time here. Don't think it's ever too late to get to know Mika and his music. There are so many wonderful old clips and stories here at this site. You can relive all the old things if you want to and you will have so much fun doing it as well. Enjoy Renate
  4. hi Nina, thank you and nice to meet one of our friendly southern neigbours here as well.
  5. hi Sabine, thanks . Glad to see that you're still around here too.
  6. Hi C.J Good to see you too. Great country, the UK; I lived in Oxford once and had a wonderful time.
  7. Hi Elena, Thanks. Nice to meet you too. Interesting: a Greek name in Germany.
  8. Hi, thanks everyone for the words of welcome. I’m already glad I’m back. I’m not sure yet how to answer to separate posts, so here to all of you: @Mikasister: good to see you around again yes, seeing and hearing Mika in a symphonic concert is a bit magical. And to see him perform in ‘my own’ Concertgebouw would be extra wonderful. @Krysady: very nice to talk to you again. I think I always will be into Mika and his fans. But sometimes I’m busy doing other things and then that’s not so clear I guess. @dcdeb: still your kind and helpful self I see. Thanks
  9. hi everyone, For those of you who have been around here for a while: I've been here before but with another name (Pascale) For the more recent fans: I'm Dutch (living in Amsterdam) and I've been a fan of Mika since 2017 (maybe 2016, i'm not very good in timekeeping) His music and this fanclub helped me through a difficult time in which I was very exhausted and depressed. I've been to a few concerts in Belgium, France, Italy and Holland (last one Tivoli, Vredenburg) and I had a wonderful time attending all of them. The last two years have been very
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