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  1. They probably know you are crazy but they're okay with it because they love you! Nice to meet you!
  2. Hi all! This might have been asked or discussed already, so I apologize if it has. I am a pretty recent obsessed Mika fan and have recently been catching up on all his music/videos, interviews, etc. I've watched the Grace Kelly videos multiple times and I was wondering if Mika's family is actually in the video? I thought his mom and sister, possibly Fortune was in it? TIA!
  3. @ElizaWilsonOh my god! How old are you?!? Not that it matters! That’s awesome! I find it amazing how Mika’s music still pulls people in and gets captivated! He makes me dance even when I should be crying!
  4. @PriscaThank you! Glad to be in great company with other crazy people!
  5. Hi Mika fans in the U.S.! Looks like the last post on here was early last year. :-) I still want to say hi anyway! New to the club, living in a suburb of Chicago. Rediscovered Mika earlier in February and haven't stopped listening since.
  6. @kreacher Thank you! I grin every time I listen to Mika! And of course, dance!
  7. @Gabry74Thank you! I love how I can share my love with Mika with people all over the world!
  8. @TinyLove_CJThank you! Crazy good and fun is what I like! Which is what Mika is all about! I think I'm going to like it here.
  9. Hi @Sabine64! They loved that I found something that makes me dance, dance and happy!
  10. Hi @Kumazzz! I'm crazy and my family thinks I'm crazy! And that's okay! Let's be crazy together!
  11. Thank you @silver! Glad to be a part of the club!
  12. @teenagedreamer98Thank you! Yes it makes me very happy! I know that, even though it is danceable, the lyrics are pretty deep and some even heartbreaking. But I still love them for sure.
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