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  1. soo cool omg heiii yeah i hope theyll play some of the newer once soon. and that he also will do some concerts here again viele grüße <3
  2. hei :)) so i cant decide between life in cartoon motion, no place in heaven and my name is michael holbrook🤭
  3. Heii, Im new here i just heard Grace Kelly in the radio and i wanted to look up the artist because i knew the song before but i never really got deeper into the topic, and actually i was flashed about his other songs and how good looking he actually is hihi. I just love his art, music everything he does for his community his engagement for example in paris etc i hope im not crazy or anything but i got really obsessed with mika🤭 his art his music just EVERYTHING he does Im really glad i discovered him actually he helped me through out my recovery of illnesses and stuf
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