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  1. soo cool omg heiii yeah i hope theyll play some of the newer once soon. and that he also will do some concerts here again viele grüße <3
  2. hei :)) so i cant decide between life in cartoon motion, no place in heaven and my name is michael holbrook🤭
  3. Heii, Im new here i just heard Grace Kelly in the radio and i wanted to look up the artist because i knew the song before but i never really got deeper into the topic, and actually i was flashed about his other songs and how good looking he actually is hihi. I just love his art, music everything he does for his community his engagement for example in paris etc i hope im not crazy or anything but i got really obsessed with mika🤭 his art his music just EVERYTHING he does Im really glad i discovered him actually he helped me through out my recovery of illnesses and stuff and im really glad that hes there. also thanks to the other fans here you guys are so nice also im 16 and from germany lots of lots of greetings from here much luv <3
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