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  1. I think this thread is done, but I just wanted to introduce myself here. My name is Mindy, and I am in the San Francisco Bay Area. I hope to chat with you all! Mindy
  2. Hi All, My name is Mindy. I am from the San Francisco Bay Area, and I have been listening to Mika for 9 or 10 years? I found out about his music through the video game, "Just Dance". I was dancing to "Big Girl You Are Beautiful", and thought about what a wonderful song that was, so I went to Youtube and listened to the rest of his album, and I have been hooked ever since. My daughter was a toddler at the time, and she would copy every move of the ladies in the video for "Big Girls...", so I credit Mika for her positive body image now that she is 12. I also credit Mika with my marriage. I went on a road trip with my husband when we began dating, and I knew he was the one when his playlist included Mika. I have seen Mika in concert three times: in Los Angeles, in Montreal and in San Francisco. What a wonderful performer! The energy was so joyful and positive. I cannot wait to see him perform again. I look forward to getting to know other Mika fans! Mindy
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