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    J'aime Mika, que je suis depuis plusieurs années.
    J'aime aussi le football !

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  1. Hello Sara Thank you, nice to meet you again
  2. Merci beaucoup pour ton message Je suis tellement content de m'être enfin inscrit
  3. I Paola Italy is a beautiful country 😀 Nice to meet you again
  4. Thank you Mellody for this message I hope you are fine
  5. Thank you Michelle, you are so kind 😀
  6. Thank you @mellody ! @Paoletta and all of you !!
  7. @holdingyourdrinkOkay we can help each other but if I believe what Florine tell me you are better in french than I am at english :p
  8. Hello Sabine, thank you for you're message
  9. Thank you People on this site are very kind
  10. Thank you all for the messages ! I am happy. I can not wait to share a lot of things here with all of you ! You are all kind
  11. Bonjour, I am new here. I already was on MFC Live with Deb, my name is Renaud and I am Florine's brother. Sorry if my english is not so good, I try I am fan of Mika since his first album, I met him in real life in Paris dedicaces. I am happy to be on the MFC now, I was a little shy because of my english but I really love this community so I am happy ! I live in France, near Strasbourg. Can't wait to know more about you and Mika. Thank you et prenez soin de vous Renaud. mmika..bmp
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