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  1. Hi everyone! does anyone have the download link of the MIKA concert in Naples in 2014? Thank you very much
  2. Thanks, but it doesn't let me open it, it doesn't let me reach the site (I don't know the reason), can you suggest something to make it open?
  3. Thank you very much! Do you know if there is also a download link of this concert somewhere?
  4. Hi everyone! I was looking for MIKA concert at London Palladium 2016 but can't find it anywhere in good quality. Can anyone send me the link of the whole concert? Thanks so much : )
  5. hello again you too, I've never been to a MIKA concert, but I'd love to : )
  6. Hi everyone! My name is Giulio, i'm from Italy and i am new to this Fan Club. I discovered MIKA 12 years ago with "We are Golden". My hobbies are movies and music. My favourite singers and Bands are Queen, Elvis Presley, George Michael, Elton John and of course the fantastic MIKA : )
  7. Hello everyone! I am new to this fan club. I know I'm a little late : ), but can someone reupload this link? Please, I really need it. Thank you very much : )
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