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  1. I am so excited! I had to wake up at 4 in the morning due to the time difference but it was totally worth it, thanks for your help I carry you in my heart!
  2. Thanks for your help, I love you so much! I hope to meet you all there
  3. I have the DD place so would I be in a fourth row? I'm dying!
  4. Do you know if the allocation of places in the "chaise category 1" section is ordered by ABC until reaching XYZ, AABBCC or is it always AABBCC? I have so many questions, sorry for asking so much, but it is my first trip to another country for a MIKA concert.
  5. Does anyone have a map of the concert? I want to know where I will see it, everything is so confusing on the internet maps, I chose the places that the page assigned me because of the rush, but I don't know if they were the best, I'm scared!
  6. I see that everything is inserted and nobody knows much about ticket sales, I don't know, I'm afraid, I think I better forget my dream of traveling from Mexico just to live this magical moment, I'm very sad
  7. I am interested in 2 tickets for the 2 nights , we traveled from Mexico and we want to meet fans of Mika
  8. Hi friends, I'm Miguel or Mike from Mexico City. I started to love Mika from Love Today since that day I have not stopped listening to him every day of my life. The first time I heard the song No Place In Heaven I cried a lot because it has also happened to me that I will not be able to enter heaven because I am gay but I know that I am a good person and that I would never hurt anyone so if God has a piece in it Heaven I ask you on my knees. I also got the title of that song tattooed on my left arm because of how much it means to me, I think the music and the lyrics are magical. Thank God and life I have been able to go to two MIKA shows here in Mexico the first was in 2016 when he came to promote the album No Place In Heaven, I knew I was going to be in a radio station and I went to fulfill my dream meet him, and that's how I have a photo with him, we went around 7 people to wait for him and he treated us so kindly and with so much respect, I couldn't believe that he was close to him and he was shaking he told me "don't tremble" and I I answered "I can't" and he hugged me so beautifully that that day was undoubtedly the best day of my life. Later in 2019 during the tiny love tiny tour I went to see him with my mother and it was a magical night in the two concerts I cried, because I thought that a moment like this, singing with my idol "We Are Golden" would never happen. Currently my dream is to travel to Paris to see a live concert of him. Thanks for this space and thanks for reading me. I send you a hug, your new Mexican friend Mike.
  9. It is my dream to go to a Mika symphonic concert. I am going to travel from Mexico just to fulfill my dream, I will do everything possible to be there! Please be on the lookout for the exclusive presale for the fan club i love you so so much!
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