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  1. Here you have everything in the same days https://m.vk.com/video-23729576_456243419
  2. On instagrams he talk with me. other things I post a comment on a picture of Mika and I didn’t see it. Do you see the comments?
  3. Hi I just want to let you know that someone created account on instagram and pretending he is Mika. The account is Mika77011 I just want to lets you know.
  4. Sorry Deb, I have to leave and I don’t understand verry well. And maybe you just talk about the boat. If Mika comes please let me know on my email. Thank you 😘
  5. That a really bad I idea. My family moves in Canada because of me. Why don’t we can’t go where every activity it cool. 😭
  6. Ah you broke the suspens 🤪
  7. Some times I post something, remove it and repost because I want to add or change thinks. With Facebook we can but not in instagram or Twitter
  8. It very nice but I really confused with the begin and when he talk about Kendji.
  9. Non ce que je voulais dire quand tu dis que d’habitude il le fait en concert privé et que c’est dure de l’obtenir. J’imagine ca va etre la meme change à Montréal. Anyway j’espère que moi aussi un jour je peux lui parler après le spectacle
  10. Do you watch the voice all star?
  11. Ok. I want also tell you thanks you to tell me that Mika block some fans
  12. Thank you to let me know. I will make attention so he will not block me. Thank you.
  13. Like if he comes at Montréal for a show. I just want to know if it buying with a kind of site web
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