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  1. i don't think a comprehensive, easily searchable one-stop thread like this Mikapedia exists yet, so i made it because i need a hobby... Mika Encyclopedia Over 1400 encyclopedia entries, 350 with extended information in spoilers, but this is very much a work in progress! Input is very welcome, so please post/message me if you find an error or an omission or have a question or would like to otherwise help. ENTRIES: * # ~ A ~ Ba-Bh * Bi-Bz * C ~ D * E ~ F ~ G * H ~ I ~ J * K ~ La-Li * * Lj-Lz ~ Ma-Mh * Mi-Mz ~ N * O ~ P * Q ~ R ~ Sa-Sn * So-Sz ~ T * U ~ V ~ W ~ X ~ Y ~ Z * * EXTRA EXTENDED INFO * ~Entries are in alphabetical order with last name first! Please use page search if you can’t find what you’re seeking; it might be listed with an alternate name. ~For an extended entry with much more about a topic click REVEAL HIDDEN CONTENTS ~Mikapedia began: March 12, 2015 - Last updated: March 25, 2020 ~Green entries: entry is new ~Orange words: have their own encyclopedia entries ~Info i'm unsure of is light purple. ~Can you help solve these Mika mysteries? ENCYCLOPEDIA TABLE OF CONTENTS: What I’ve done: RECENT UPDATES * What's to come: LIST OF ENTRIES TO BE ADDED I apologize for any typos, misinformation, broken links, and omissions. Please, please tell me if you find something that’s wrong. Most quote translations into English are done automatically by google translate. If you find a particularly poor translation, please let me know what it should say!!! Special thanks to those who proofread, made suggestions, translated, answered my questions, and/or contributed info: Kezza, DCDeb, Poisonyoulove, Kat75, Mamiam, RAK1, LeiRe, Lilasko, BangBangLou, Melyssa, Miss Kristal, Christine, Cathouzouf, Mari62, IngievV, Mag_Belgium, KiwiMikaFreak, Yang, CrazyAboutMika, We-Are-Golden, FrenchFan84, P. Xará, BiaIchihara, Siri, Virgi, Anna Ko Kolkowska; the entire MFC Subtitling Team; and thanks to anyone else on MFC who posts interview translations, subtitles videos, and shares other useful information; and especially thanks to Kumazzz All linked photos and videos are copyright to their respective owners. Please PM me if any are yours & you want the link removed. Pretty please don’t copy this Mika encyclopedia & claim it as your own as I’ve worked countless hours on it My sources include: Wikipedia; discogs.com; MFC FAQ and various threads; credits of Mika's CDs and DVDs; various interviews and articles from TV, radio, and magazines; mikasounds.com; Mika’s Twitter/Facebook/Instagram/blogs; Mika’s XL columns; gig reports from fans; and/or random tidbits from my brain. LIVE MIKA TOUR DATES: google spreadsheet master list of all Mika's past concerts
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