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  1. TV / RADIO VIDEO / AUDIO 2015.02.02 @ Cannes Radio #101 2015.02.02 Acces Illimité http://goo.gl/CGh5UX 2015.02.21 50inside L'actu ( in Canada : OSM ) #147 2015.04.02 C à Vous #178 2015.04.04 Sortez du cadre #184 2015.04.15 tendanceQUEST #232 2015.04.16 Stéphane Larue.com #227 2015.04.20 Stéphane Larue.com #239 2015.04.20 Le Grand Morning sur RTL2 http://goo.gl/lA8zTb YT (subtitles) http://goo.gl/iEG06J 2015.04.22 RadioSCOOP #292 2015.04.22 Mika @ Aufeminin - Questions & Answers http://goo.gl/MTqkUG 2015.04.22 Top 50 MFC thread http://goo.gl/yATG2C 2015.04.24 VOLTAGE radio interview #266 + #267 2015.04.24 MIKA en Interview V.I.P RFM ! http://goo.gl/y1O0MT 2015.04.24 Le Grand Journal http://goo.gl/NcKnGP 2015.04.25 Invité mystère Mika RTL http://goo.gl/xwxN90 2015.04.25 50 mn inside /topic 2015.04.25 RadioSCOOP http://goo.gl/dGV3qX 2015.04.27 CANAL+ La boite à questions http://goo.gl/QHmOjS 2015.04.29 Marminton http://goo.gl/4HcB3R 2015.05.20 Joyeux anniversaire à TÊTU http://goo.gl/kiojFt 2015.06.06 50min INSIDE 48 h au Japon avec Mika http://goo.gl/yDMwp2 2015.06.07 Le LAB Virgin Radio http://goo.gl/nJmv0y 2015.06.08 Radio Contact.be http://goo.gl/7jWUZa 2015.06.09 Promo marathon in Paris http://goo.gl/dDAT7v 2015.06.11 Chérie FM http://goo.gl/YLa8qq 2015.06.12 RTL France http://goo.gl/hd1zG6 2015.06.13 Francos Gourmands http://goo.gl/F8bLBx+ http://goo.gl/CV8bbD + #431 2015.06.14 M6 Le1945 http://goo.gl/FUt8aO and 4103980 2015.06.14 JT weekend http://goo.gl/XgRl57 2015.06.15 Vivacité interview #543 2015.06.16 Le Divan de Marc-Olivier Fogiel http://goo.gl/tvrfmJ 2015.06.17 RTL2 Très Très Privé http://goo.gl/ztR5FE 2015.06.17 Le Grand Journal http://goo.gl/ts3zfE 2015.06.19 F2 JT 13h #443 2015.06.19 C à vous - France5 http://goo.gl/5RgUdw 2015.06.20 La chanson de l'année http://goo.gl/xGjuAa 2015.06.21 Du Côté De Chez Dave http://goo.gl/sGGfZF 2015.06.26 OFF tv #457 2015.06.27 On n'est pas couche - France2 http://goo.gl/7d3Ukb 2015.07.30 Radio Fribourg #671 2015.07.31 Le journal de 13h - TF1 #522 2015.07.31 OFF TV interview at FNAC LIVE #524 2015.08.05 RTL interview #538 2015.08.29 France Inter LA VIE EST UN JE #613 2015.08.30 TF1 : Sept à huit #616 2015.08.31 VIRGIN RADIO VENDÉE#712 2015.09.07 TF1 : Là où je t'emmènerai #630 2015.09.13 TF2 : Vivement Dimanche http://goo.gl/jXJrym 2015.09.14 pre-nominated to NRJ awards http://www.mikafanclub.com/topic/32146-nrj-music-awards-november-2015/ 2015.09.17 Virgin Radio #WorldTourDeFrance at Rennes #669 2015.09.23 Radio Contact #681 2015.09.24 La santé surtout! #104 2015.10.01 Radio Scoop #699 2015.10.06 Les invités France Bleu Sud Lorraine #710 2015.11.07 TF1 2015 en musique #717 2015.11.27 TF1 JT 20h "Le prophète"#66 2015.11.28 Le Grand Show MIKA at Le Grand Show 26 October + 28 November 2015 2015.11.29 FRANCE 2 : JT13h #68 2015.11.29 France 3 : Soir/3#75 2015.12.01 France5 : C à vous http://goo.gl/u9yPM7 2015.12.02 D8 : Le Grand 8 #1 2015.12.02 Le Figaro #82 2015.12.03 Télé-Loisirs #86 2015.12.03 Le Figaro #82 2015.12.04 Paris Match #85 2015.12.05 TF1 50min Inside #87 2015.12.05 Téléthon Mika on Telethon night show Dec 5th 2015 2015.12.08 50mn Inside #91 2015.12.09 Magicmaman #93 2015.12.09 aufeminin.com #95 2015.12.10 France5 Entrée libre #721 2015.12.14 Touche Pas A Mon Poste - D8 http://goo.gl/LMeMt7 2015.12.20 RFM : Un Dimanche avec MIKA #725 2015.12.21 C à vous, la suite http://goo.gl/U7pY4O 2015.12.24 TF1 : Bonnes fêtes de la part des coachs de The Voice ! #743 2015.12.25 Facebook : 2015.12.31 TF1 : The Voice teaser clip #138 Articles / Magazines / Papers L'Essentiel http://goo.gl/bKmuXW Télépro http://goo.gl/FSbnE5 http://goo.gl/iOHdfj Tèlè Cable Sat http://goo.gl/tV6Dwi Télé Star http://goo.gl/QK1w1s Télé DH http://goo.gl/V4mgZ4 Le parisien http://goo.gl/MZsuTY Le Parisien http://goo.gl/tasJUZ Télé 7 Jours http://goo.gl/sjNqcTtranslation http://goo.gl/4w6JPE Télé Loisirs (n°1520) http://goo.gl/zqR47u TéléOBS http://goo.gl/Bkj9tk translation 1) http://goo.gl/ICGPUz 2) http://goo.gl/lDCLjc Elle Québec June http://goo.gl/JrfLhI NEON #31 http://goo.gl/sWvHna PSYCHOLOGIES no 352 Juin http://goo.gl/8aNEPM Fémina Juin http://goo.gl/SWh1Qw Metro News http://goo.gl/xt0lTm La Presse ( Québec ) http://goo.gl/YDbYru L’Est Républicain http://goo.gl/cKvDLv Stylist 098 25.6.2015 http://goo.gl/S97NPZ RTL2 http://goo.gl/9mWmPu + http://goo.gl/Qq9o5e Le Bien Public #472 / 746 METRO Montréal 02.7.2015 http://goo.gl/UblLJU TÊTU summer issue http://goo.gl/ivaPrB LA PRESSE+ 04.7.2015 #472 Le Matin 26.07.2015 #527 Le Matin 01.08.2015 #531 DH.be 06.08.2015 #537 Paris Match #559#601 Telépro 13.08.2015 #569 translation #572 Questions de Femmes 208 – Août-Septembre 2015 #591 Nous Deux September 8 to 14, 2015 #632 L'Est Nancy Ville 11/09/2015 #656 Normandie-actu 23/09/2015 #677 France Dimanche 3604 25 Septembre au 1er Octobre #678 L'essentiel Luxembourg 24 septembre 2015#680 Le Figaro 06/10/2015#48 le Populaire 06/10/15#708 Quest France 14/10/2015 #711 I Love English 10/ 2015 herecomment=4103980 Gala NonStopPeople PurePeople 13/11/ 2015 #720 Le Journal Des Femmes 27/11/15 #120 Le Figaro 30/11/2015 #80 Metro News 02/12/2015 #81 TÊTU 30/12/2015 #747 =================================================== L'Essentiel epaper 2015/01/09
  2. User Actions Follow 에릭남 (Eric Nam)Verified account‏@ericnamofficial Interview with @mikasounds is up on Pikicast! http://piki.tv/m/109284 https://instagram.com/p/3oW60HBcTl/ https://twitter.com/ericnamofficial/status/607548464927506432
  3. Another article/interview, from China this time If there is another place or thread to post these articles, let me know, please. http://split-works.tumblr.com/post/118253568654/dipping-in-to-shenzhen-this-month-for-one-of-our http://41.media.tumblr.com/422f1eea0833d1c056fedb0911523034/tumblr_nnwrdvDBtR1rer749o1_1280.png http://40.media.tumblr.com/93cc1162572e99a8ecb135316c87e86b/tumblr_nnwrdvDBtR1rer749o2_1280.jpg Dipping in to Shenzhen this month for one of our biggest shows of the year! Nag your parents, grab your BBFs and slap paint on your face for no reason~
  4. I hope it is okay to post this.I saw the link, but not the article. MIKA official @mikasounds I spoke to @Metro_US ahead of my NY & Brooklyn shows next week… bit.ly/1OZj48l 9:10pm · 27 Apr 2015 http://www.metro.us/entertainment/mika-bares-it-all/zsJodA---cGZVQDaPZDSOE/ PUBLISHED : April 27 Mika bares it all After a period of sadness and isolation, Mika emerges with a powerful, intimate new album, getting more honest than ever. Mika's fourth album, "No Place In Heaven" comes out in June Photo: Peter Lindbergh Mika may have churned out bubblegum hits like “Love Today” and “Popular” in the past, but his new album, “No Place In Heaven” (out this June) is melodious while exploring deeper, darker issues. Mika opens up to us about emerging from complete isolation to share the personal issues that matter the most to him. “I became afraid of what people think” It’s been three years since Mika’s last album, "The Origin of Love" and he says for most of that time, he purposely disappeared. “I went into almost complete isolation in my daily life and in my professional choices,” he says. “I became afraid of what people would think of my work. I isolated myself which was so stupid because I realize now that as soon as you become preoccupied with worrying what people think about protecting yourself, it’s like a creative cancer.” Taking chances On New Year’s Eve, he decided to change that, making a promise to himself that he would say yes to the next offer that came his way, no matter what. He got more than he bargained for when he was asked to be a judge on “The X-Factor” in Italy. But Mika followed through, learning Italian in two months. As a result of that, he landed a deal doing “The Voice” in France. Reemerging helped him get back to a place of honesty in his music. “I stopped that false protection, which was just getting in the way. When you hear the album, it’s got such a devil’s wink in it and the subjects I deal with are truly hard and very intimate, but when combined with joyful pop melodies, it resonates,” he says. Daring to be brave One of those songs is “Last Party,” about Freddie Mercury coping with his HIV positive diagnosis by throwing a three-day long rager in a nightclub. “There’s also a song called ‘Good Guys’ which provokes a lot of questions, but I wrote it to myself,” Mika says. “I [wanted to] dare to be like all the people who inspired me when I was younger and who didn’t think about the consequences, even if it put them in danger.” Mika recorded the bulk of the album alone in his LA home, which he says helped him get to a place of deep intimacy. “When you’re singing and writing a song, you’re showing more than a full nude striptease. You’re going all out and hiding nothing,” he says. “When something is intimate and it’s very personal, it’s really powerful. People are craving intimacy.” Mika in concert: New York City May 3, 8 p.m. Verboten 54 N. 11th St., Brooklyn, 347-223-4732 www.verbotennewyork.com May 4, 9 p.m. Webster Hall 125 E. 11th St., 212-353-1600 www.websterhall.com Emily Lawrence
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