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Found 10 results

  1. As there's more and more info not related to a certain song but to the album itself, I'm opening a thread where you can share info about the album, chat about what you expect from it, and after its release on October 4, 2019, say what you think about it.
  2. We've been waiting since last fall for this! The new live album from MIKA, recorded last September during one of his shows in New York City, will be released next week, 31 January 2020! MIKA says: "One of the highlights of last year was returning to New York to play two incredible shows at Brooklyn Steel, and thanks to my team and the incredible Frank Filipetti, the whole concert was recorded. It gives me great pleasure to announce that I am releasing 'MIKA: Live from Brooklyn Steel!" available on 31st January! M x" We'll have more details on where and how to order soon!
  3. Hello fellow MIKA lovers. As we have seen during his past album releases The Boy Who Knew To Much - 2009 Origin of Love - 2012 No Place in Heaven - 2015 It have been 3 years in between 3 out of 4 of his official albums. Does anyone think he will release one this year, or is he completely done with producing music? And in that case, what does his record company think of that? And if he releases an album, the record label do require him to do some concerts right? Saw on of MIKAs episodes from his italian TV show 'Casa Mika' or something that he said he was a former 'music artist' in one of the Taxi driver episodes. Would appreciate any kinds of answers to these questions. Love you all ❤
  4. Mika's 4th album, "NO PLACE IN HEAVEN", will be released internationally 15th June 2015! (16th in USA/ Canada/ Mexico). The release date has been changed to 22nd June for the UK. Remains June 15/16 for the rest of the world. It will feature 11+ tracks including 'The Last Party,' which fans will receive as an instant download when they pre-order the album through iTunes! International pre-orders (not including US/ Can/ Mex) are available NOW from the links below: Standard http://Mika.lnk.to/NPIH (excl. Italy) Deluxe http://Mika.lnk.to/NPIHdlx (excl. France) Both standard and deluxe versions will be available on CD when closer to release date. US/ Canada/ Mexico fans can pre-order the album on Tuesday, 7th April. Track listing: 1. Talk About You 2. All She Wants 3. Last Party 4. Good Guys 5. Oh Girl You're the Devil 6. No Place in Heaven 7. Staring at the Sun 8. Hurts 9. Good Wife 10. Rio 11. Ordinary Man 12. Promiseland (Bonus Track) 13. Porcelain (Bonus Track) 14. Good Guys (Remix) 15. L'amour fait ce quil veux (Bonus Track) French Edition 1. Talk About You 2. Good Guys 3. L'amour fait ce quil veux 4. All She Wants 5. Last Party 6. Les Baisers Perdu 7. No Place in Heaven 8. Staring at the Sun 9. Hurts 10. Boum Boum Boum 11. Good Wife 12. Jai pas envie 13. Oh Girl You're the Devil 14. Ordinary Man
  5. Mika presented his new album at a press conference in Milan today. Lots of photos, and Universal Music Italia even did a periscope, but I don't know how to download it... I need to learn how to do that. Anyhow, wasn't sure that this belonged in the Italy press thread since it's not print media, mostly pictures and a video eventually... So just to get this started... From Rolling Stone Italia: #Mika durante la conferenza stampa per la presentazione del suo nuovo album #NoPlaceInHeaven @mikasounds from @mariellacaruso from @silviamarchetti
  6. Hi everyone. I just thought it was time to start a thread to track the positions of the singles and album, since the first single, TAY is released today and some places have Good Guys as the lead single. I thought we needed a thread to keep track of where the singles are, in the international charts, and when the album comes out, this thread will do for that as well. If there is already a thread for this, mods feel free to delete this one, but I haven't seen one up to now, so I thought it might be good to start one. Here's wishing the best of luck to Mika, his singles and his album, No Place In Heaven. God bless you all.
  7. Was just listening to some of MIKA today and thought it would be really cool if he did a studio album of his songs but in one take and live without the use of synthesizers, programming and orchestrations/arrangements. More of like a true acoustic album with just the basics of piano, guitars, bass and drums. Since he isn't going to release songbook anywhere but Italy it would be cool to have a sort of compilation but in this format. It could get people to go check out his other stuff. I personally love when any band/musician does acoustic/live studio stuff. This is just a track listing I think would work well... 1. Origin of Love 2. Ring Ring 3. Stardust ft Chiara 4. Relax, Take it Easy 5. Dr. John 6. I See You 7. Good Gone Girl 8. Tah Dah 9. Your Sympathy 10. Touches You 11. Make You Happy 12. Live Your Life 13. Lola 14. Boom Boom Boom (English Version) 15. My Interpretation 16. Pick Up Off the Floor 17. Any Other World Anyways I'm done rambling. Tell me what you think if you want.
  8. I just read an interview about the new album. Mika has announced that the new album will be called 'The Origin Of Love'. Just a few moments ago I was thinking about Mika's new album. What would it be like? Will it be better than the last two? What would it be called? What do you think the new album will be like?
  9. http://www.chartsinfrance.net/MIKA/news-68678.html Last week, he was number 2 (only 3 days after the release of the album). Muse was first but their album was released 7 days before. And now Mika is first! 82 850 albums in 10 days. Mika is 21th in Europe and 34th worldwide. Come on!!!
  10. Soooooo hope this hasn't been posted. But you can now pre-order We Are Golden the album on iTunes. It confirms the album cover is the one which earlier appeared on Mika's myspace. It has 30 seconds preview of every song on the album, and the fully produced version of the demo 'Lover Boy' It also seems that both 'Blue Eyes' and 'Toy Boy' are the versions on the EP.... Click here for the standard edition or Click here for the Deluxe Edition
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